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A Flower a Day Keeps the Bees at Play

Who: Usagi Tsukino (Serena Lapin) and customers
What: It’s Usagi’s real first day of work after all her training… wish her luck
When: All Day
Where: The flower store Usagi works at
Warnings: Just the cheerful klutz that is Usagi?
Notes: I’m more than happy to match styles!

A: Early Morning

Luna (and Mamoru) had learned long ago, that the way to get Usagi anywhere on time was to set her alarm clock an hour ahead. While Usagi knew the trick, she never bothered commenting on it because, well, it worked! She got up early, she got to things on time, and everyone was happy that she wasn’t late. Still, even if Usagi knew the trick, considering the situation she was currently in? She completely forgot to do it. After all, she liked sleeping in as much as the next person (probably more than the next person, actually)!

Which was why, running through the streets was the blonde bunny, in a bright white and blue dress, crying in dismay: "I’M LAAAAAATE! I’M LATE I’M LAAAATE!" with a bag on her shoulder and a lunch-box in hand. The rabbit was late and had no time to say hello or goodbye to those she was living with, she was late she was late she was late!

So frantic to get to work on time, she didn’t pay attention as she turned the corner...

And promptly smacked into someone, falling backwards and straight to the ground.

"OOOOOOOW!" she cringed and whimpered only a little. She rubbed her back, she paused to catch her breath, and then quickly popped right back up as if she hadn’t just fallen. She was so used to falling, honestly that it wasn’t something she couldn't handle. She didn’t have time to be upset, though, because not only was she late, and more importantly, she possibly just hurt someone!

"I’m so so so so so sorry! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" she had to go but she didn’t want to abandon the person she just ran into. She bowed deeply. "Really, I’m so sorry!"

B: Throughout the Day

Usagi let out a sigh of relief as she had made it on time. The flower shop owner, Ophelia, merely chuckled to herself and commented about how nice it was to have such an energetic girl around the shop.

The older woman was actually incredibly kind to hire her on. Usagi explained that she had just moved in with all of her cousins after an accident involving their parents. Serena Lapin was doing everything she could to support her family, five girls and one boy! Ophelia was an older woman, bent over and needing a cane to walk, and her son and his best friend worked for her as it got harder for her to work by herself, but at seeing "Serena’s" eagerness and willingness to work, her friendly and open nature, well Ophelia commented that it would be nice to have another girl around, hiring the very day Usagi applied.

And, on top of Usagi’s paycheck, she got to take home flowers that were too old to sale or were damaged in such a way that they couldn’t be given to their customers. She had already taken a few damaged roses, plucked off the ruined petals and leaves and stuck them in her hair. But Usagi was also thinking that flower bouquets would be a great way to keep the house smelling lovely and feeling warm.

Usagi, or rather Serena Lapin was ready to work! With her pastel pink apron and the name badge with a little thistle at the end of it, she could face anything. She looked up when she heard the door chime and greeted the guest with a bright smile.

"Welcome to Thistle Do Nicely: A Flower for Every Occasion! My name is Serena, how can I help you today?"
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"Ow..." Agent 3 whines as she pushes herself back up to standing and adjusts her hat to make sure her tentacles are covered. "You have one heck of a knockback." Did she have some Run Speed abilities on her?

"Hey... aren't you...?" They didn't have a chance to talk much, but this girl's part of the rescue group, isn't she? "Um... part of the thing?"

They don't really have a way to secretly ask if they are a rescuer... Maybe they should do that.
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She tilts her head and looks at her again. "I... guess you're right. I'd remember tentacles like that anywhere." ie. She has seen them before. Then 3 winces a bit. Wrong wording. "I'd remember hair like that. Ha ha..."

Seriously, so many different names she has to keep track of. 3 checks her disguise again for good measure. "Anyways. I'm okay. Where are you heading off to so fast?"
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It's not an insult! Agent 3 has tentacles. Inklings have more tentacles than Octarians. It's a good thing!

"I'm looking for a library because I've got a research project to do." She practiced her cover story. It sounded natural for a squid like her to do at her age. "I'm still working on finding a job."
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"Um... I think I'd have to know more about the city than I do, and cafes here use a lot of water..." She looks around nervously, making sure no one's around to hear her. "My kind don't do well with a lot of water."

Agent 3 will walk with Usagi on the way to her flower shop. The library is in the same direction, and Usagi won't be as late if they get on the move.
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Agent 3 starts jogging, but she'll match whatever pace Usagi picks. She has on her running shoes, so she doesn't have to worry about moving around. "I didn't think about an arcade. I didn't know you had those here. Laver's the really good one with video games, but I'm okay with them."

Laver is an Inkling from home in her squad. He's a Charger user, and she kinda has a crush on him, but that's besides the point.

"I don't know if working in a clothing store's a good idea. I'd want to buy all the fresh gear. But an arcade! I could do that."
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"I'll do it! I'll look up arcades I could visit at the library." There's an extra bounce in her step. Yes! Another plan of action to take.
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"Run! Run!"

But Usagi will find that Agent 3 continues to run after her. She's not going to stop or keep talking if that'll help her get to the floral shop quicker. However, she does want to see where Usagi works so that she could tell her where she works once she gets a job at the arcade.
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This would be a lot easier if she was swimming through her ink, but she puts up a good effort. However, she has to slow down because she feels her hat pulling in weird ways. She can't let her identity be uncovered! She has to fix it.

When she gets back to the apartment later, she'll have to do the hat, headgear, goggles combo after all. Three pieces of headgear might not be legal back home, but it'll have to be here.
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"Ah!" Agent 3 looks up to see that Usagi has disappeared. If she was back home, she might have thought that she Super Jumped away. 3 continues walking and looking around.

Eventually, she does arrive at Thistle Do Nicely and peers into the window, hands on the glass and face almost pressed against the pane. 3's more impressed with the variety of colors in the shop over realizing that Usagi is there now.

... Hopefully she doesn't leave any hand prints all over the glass.