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☆A little little fun

Who: Those who signed up to perform, and anyone else
What: The Double S Charity Concert is go!
When: January 24th throughout the day
Where: Archer Park
Warnings: None planned

☆A Little Little Fun

On the morning of the 24th, the sun rises over Vista City and, more importantly, Archer Park- a series of rooftop parks connected to each other by bridges and overflowing greenery of all sorts. It's a popular on most days to start with. Today, however, is the day of the Double S Charity Concert. Thus, it's more packed than usual.

One of the park "islands" is home to a concert stage, and that is where the concert is taking place. All throughout the next couple of days, various musicians will perform songs they've written about or dedicated to another in the industry. With the entertainment value of the idea and the fame of the musicians, of course the place is packed.

The stage is where every musician will end up at throughout the day, performing for the masses, but behind it is also a rest area for them to either bide their time or just hang out. It's supposed to be restricted to just those musicians participating, but frankly... security is lax just enough that bandmates and the such could duck on in to see their friends. No fans, however, sorry. It's not the most impressive of places, with seating areas and a salad bar and all the pizza that could possibly be ordered, but hopefully it's good enough. This is also where one can find event organizer Jenny around, in case they need to bring anything up.

Of course, no one is required to stay back there while waiting their turn, or after they've done their performance. Attempts to raise money go beyond just the concert. Double S has all sorts of stalls set up, whether to explain to people the various causes they can specifically pledge support to, or to sell merchandise. Can't forget the food stalls. There is, of course, a stall showing adoptable animals. There always is.

Finally, there's one last thing Double S has set up for any willing celebrities. It's a meet-and-greet area for the fans, where they have the chance to meet their favorite musicians. Giving out autographs, taking pictures with fans... There's even a karaoke set up for everyone to use. Musicians can sing solo, or with others from their label, or even with a lucky fan. AKA feel free to get NPC MP here. Hopefully, it'll get some good publicity for those interested in that kind of thing.

Tickets have been made astonishingly cheap in the hopes that more people will show, with anything else being made up by merchandise sales or donations.
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[ Staaaaaaare.

Agent 3 has kept a very low profile. Her hat is pulled low onto her head to hide her tied up tentacles, and her Hero Headgear glows blue, looking a lot like eccentric headphones. (And covers her pointed ears.)

Originally, she attended the concert to hear more of this city's music over anything else. She doesn't know who the kidnapped people are to attempt a rescue or risk blowing the rescuers' cover.

... Except she sorta knows one. Riza showed 3 a tabloid with Roy Mustang in it, and 3 has seen a picture of what he looks like. And there's the man himself.

So, there is a 14 year old kid (for all outside purposes), staring at the new guitarist of Manticore.
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[ Roy is eating the last few bites of his quick little dinner when he gets the feeling he's being looked at. Sure enough, when he looks up from his plate he sees the young girl staring at him from across the room. A younger fan hm? He acknowledges her with a smile and waves at her with his fork in hand. ]
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[ Oh cod! He noticed. Now what does she do? Why is he waving a fork? Does he want to eat her?

She just... awkwardly waves back while starring at him wide-eyed.
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[ Such an innocent reaction. Younger fans are so often the better behaved and more gracious, funny how that works. Roy puts his fork down and waves to her again, signaling for her to come over. No need to be so shy young lady. ]
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[ Okay, she has to do this. This is nothing compared to fighting Octarians. This is just like meeting one of the musicians from the bands back home...

Except, she has no idea what his music sounds like.

But that doesn't matter. She can sneakily gather some info for the cause. Press forward.

I, um. Hi...
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Hi. I'm Roy, I'm one of the musicians here tonight. What's your name?

[ Up close he can see the interesting lighting detail on her headphones. ] I like your headphones.
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I'm Emma.

[ She eases more into her role as a fan, though she didn't think of a plan when she sorta charged in. As long as she doesn't mention anything too suspicious, she should be good. ]

Do you really like them?
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Yes. I haven't seen headphones like that before. They're very stylish.

Do you enjoy listening to music by any of the artists here tonight?
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Um, I'm new to it. I'm from out of town.

[ Which is very true. Then 3 gets an idea. ]

But my friend is a really, really big fan!
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Really? Is her favorite band or artist here tonight? I'd be happy to help you get an autograph from them or something nice from one of the stands to give your friend as a gift. Would you like that?

[Making the fans happy is what he lives for. -Er maybe it was making people happy? He forgets. Blame Pride.]
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[ 3 sees the opportunity and is going to take it! ]

She actually really likes you!
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Oh. [ Not what he was expecting but that's flattering nonetheless. ]

Let me think what I can give you in that case... [ He digs in his pockets. He has his pen for autographs with him but he hadn't thought to bring anything else. He stands and tosses his paper plate into the trash. ] Mind following me over to the MANTICORE tables? I'm sure we have something over there.

[ Apparently a great deal of the MANTICORE products still had the old guitarist, Orion on them. Pride was working hard by the day to photoshop Roy into photos and get them printed. They had just released the second edition of the band's first album with Roy playing the guitar track instead. ]

Is she a fan of MANTICORE? Or... has she seen my older performances on youtube?
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[ Success! This feels like some real undercover infiltration action now. Agent 3 will follow him through the crowd over to the tables as best she can being as short as she is. She doesn't want to get lost. ]

She's a long time fan, like since forever.
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Really? I think I know just the thing then...

[ He turns to look at her periodically to make sure she's behind him along the way to the stand. When they finally arrive he whispers to one of the staff on duty there and they duck under a table for a minute. They stand again with a couple items in hand, passing them discretely to Roy. Roy leads 3 away from the crowd again so they can talk properly. Roy has to stop and high five a few fans and autograph a shirt on the way but they make it out of the crowd. ]

At last. Thanks for waiting. I'd imagine your friend has heard by now but I'm coming out with a solo album on the twelfth. Ads and merchandise are just starting to go up so you and your friend will be the first ones with posters for the album.

[ He laughs to himself as he shows 3 the small posters in his hands. One side is the album cover photo, filled with flowers, with his name and the album title, Elizabeth. The other side is a photograph of him holding a rose... It's supposed to be sexy. That's what the photographer claimed it was when they shot it. In the moment it felt right. He doesn't linger on that side of the poster very long when he flips it. It's awkward to show to a pre-teen. ]

I can sign them if you like. Also, I have a couple of coupons here. The label is allowing me to give out a few free copies of the album. Bring one of these to a music store after the album is released for your free copy.
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[ He's really like the Squid Sisters whenever they do a meet and greet. It's kind of comforting in a way because it's something that's closer to home. And something that doesn't have to be explained to others again and again.

She peeks at the poster (how lewd!) and more importantly, she sees the title of the next album.

Your next album is called Elizabeth? That's my friend's name!

[ She knew it. The love is still there under the brainwashing. ]

She is going to be happier than a clam. You'll make her day. Her week!
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[personal profile] snapcrackleburn 2016-02-08 10:42 am (UTC)(link)
Really? That's a funny coincidence.

I named the album after someone special to me who goes by that name. Shall I sign my name next to the title then?

[ He naturally imagines that 3's Elizabeth is a young teen like she is. He doesn't bother suggesting that he sign the other side of the poster, unless 3 brings it up for some reason. ]
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Yeah! She's like a big sister, so I wanna surprise her. She had to work.

[ At least... she's not sure if Riza is here or not. It's still a good cover name that might be common. 3 can't really be sure of the popular names in Vista City. ]
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[ Roy signs his name on both posters and then passes them to 3, along with the two coupons for the album. ]

I hope you have fun passing this on to your friend.
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[ She clutches the items close to her chest, bouncing where she stands. ]

I know Liz is going to love it! She thinks about you all the time.

[ Read: She loves you! ]

Thank you so much!
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You're welcome. Always glad to give to a fan.

[ He has no idea what he just did. ]
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[ He did amazing things. ]

Thank you! Thank you! I'm gonna go give it to her. Stay fresh!

[ And off she'll run unless Roy stops her. ]