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Our House

Who: Anyone in Apartment A and any couch surfers, lone wolves, or friends who feel like dropping by
What: A catch-all mingle thread for Apartment Agent!
When: Early February
Where: A nondescript two-bedroom apartment
Warnings: None yet?

Honestly, it's not a big enough apartment for everyone living there. "Furnished" evidently doesn't mean "quality furniture," but there are enough places to sleep to go around; the floors are scuffed; the front door sticks; the walls are (thankfully) thick. It's not the greatest place ever, but at least for now, it's home.
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Agent 3 - OTA

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[ Now that she's working at an arcade, 3 helps out with the bills and such. It's easy to tell what area is "hers." She tends to ink a line from corner to corner along the wall so that she can swim around and disappear into the ink. Roomies never have to worry about cleaning it up. It dissipates on its own, and should it need to be cleaned up sooner, it's easy to take care of with plain water. (Just make sure the squidkid isn't hiding in it.)

She sleeps on the couch and sleeps in as much as she can in the morning. When she's inside the apartment, she lets her tentacles down and free. If left unchecked, she'll be eating too much pizza for meals, but she'll help cook. She'll listen to music through her headgear and flop around in a one squid squid party.

For the most part, she's a decent roommate who gives the place a bright burst of color.

Right now, she seems to be reading some books from the library. They're about electricity and maps of the city.