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Our House

Who: Anyone in Apartment A and any couch surfers, lone wolves, or friends who feel like dropping by
What: A catch-all mingle thread for Apartment Agent!
When: Early February
Where: A nondescript two-bedroom apartment
Warnings: None yet?

Honestly, it's not a big enough apartment for everyone living there. "Furnished" evidently doesn't mean "quality furniture," but there are enough places to sleep to go around; the floors are scuffed; the front door sticks; the walls are (thankfully) thick. It's not the greatest place ever, but at least for now, it's home.
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Flopping around in her squid form, Agent 3 "swims" up to J sitting in a chair. She has really enjoyed the pastries he brought home and loves starting her day with one as she rushes to the arcade. 3 was going to thank him, but then she notices the headphones.

3 pokes J in the leg with a tentacle. "Watcha listening to?"
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Switching to her Inkling form, 3 beams a smile at him and takes off her headgear to hold out. "Do you wanna trade for a bit? You can listen to the Squid Sisters, Squid Squad, Chirpy Chirps, and Hightide Era. I think I have a few Turquoise October tracks too."
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Agent 3 is still under the impression that J must be part sea sponge because of that hair, even if she rationally knows that he's one of those extinct humans. What's currently playing on her headphones is "Inkopolis Evolution", the song that's sung during Splatfests. She knows all of the dance moves the Squid Sisters do. No matter how many times she hears this, the song never seems to lose its magical, block party feel.

She wastes no time putting on J's headphones, undisturbed at how they press her ears flat against her head. It doesn't take long for 3 to start grinning and bopping her head to the song. It's not quite like home, but it's still really fresh.