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Who: All rescuers!
What: The trio is here to give you the deets.
When: The evening of February 18th.
Where: An abandoned subway.
Warnings: Nothing predictable, but you never know.

“Word has it on the wire
That you don't who you are.
Well, if you could jack into my brain,
You'd know exactly what you mean here.”


The notification is sudden. A several hours in advance, all rescuers will receive a ping over the network from Shep that they are to gather at a specific location late that evening. The location will not be given out until one hour in advance of the meeting, but they are advised to be ready to receive it and move out immediately.

When they arrive, the meeting is taking place in an abandoned subway. At first it doesn't seem like there is a way in, but after slipping through the rubble in some collapsed tunnels, you'll find it. Shep, Gold, and Silver are all present, and will spent the first while doing a careful headcount of those that show up, until approximately 15 minutes after the starting time. The results seem to be disappointing. People who were here the first time are missing, that much is obvious just from looking around – the leaders’ unease with it is clear.

However, it doesn’t cause them to panic or change the point of the meeting, either. At 11:15 PM on the dot, then Shep will begin the meeting by explaining what they are all there for: information. There have been details that the team has been holding back on giving until now, and Shep will somewhat sheepishly explain that it’s because they didn’t want the risk the change of it being leaked in the event that new recruits were incapable or unwilling to blend and lay low for the time being.

Thankfully, he’ll explain, everyone here has more than proven themselves capable of working within Vista’s system. So, they’ve been brought together so they can be fully brought up to speed. Information will be delivered in three parts, by each one of the leaders. Afterwards, questions can be asked, and the rescuers will be allowed to mingle and discuss for a few hours.

All the information is concise, and in the end the actual explanation will end up taking a half hour or less. Afterwards, Gold has brought snacks to share, as has become customary. Hopefully you like pastries.

“So, if you've got the time,
Set up the tone to sync.
Tap in the code,
I'll reach you below.”
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"... So you mean that cutting the power to the city won't work because they have music energy..." And 3 doesn't like the idea of trying to turn off all music to cut their energy. Besides... can they even cut off all music? Is that even possible?

She gives a resigned sigh. "That plan's splatted. Is it all music or just their special brand of it?"
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Gold stares at her for a second.

"...wait, what?? Cutting power, what?"
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"Well, it worked during the Great Turf War. The power got cut to the Great Octoweapons and changed the tide of the war." If it sounds like she's repeating something she's heard before, that's because it's basic Inkling history. "And more recently, when the Octarians stole the Great Zapfish, Inkopolis was in danger of losing power completely.

"So, I thought maybe we could do that here."
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"Oh. Whoa. No, definitely don't do that. People need power for stuff."

They lift their hands to wave off the idea.
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Their enthusiasm to the opposite surprises 3 a little. "I'm not going to anymore. It doesn't sound like it would even work. Like sending an Aerospray up against an E-Liter in Moray Towers not going to work."