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Who: All rescuers!
What: The trio is here to give you the deets.
When: The evening of February 18th.
Where: An abandoned subway.
Warnings: Nothing predictable, but you never know.

“Word has it on the wire
That you don't who you are.
Well, if you could jack into my brain,
You'd know exactly what you mean here.”


The notification is sudden. A several hours in advance, all rescuers will receive a ping over the network from Shep that they are to gather at a specific location late that evening. The location will not be given out until one hour in advance of the meeting, but they are advised to be ready to receive it and move out immediately.

When they arrive, the meeting is taking place in an abandoned subway. At first it doesn't seem like there is a way in, but after slipping through the rubble in some collapsed tunnels, you'll find it. Shep, Gold, and Silver are all present, and will spent the first while doing a careful headcount of those that show up, until approximately 15 minutes after the starting time. The results seem to be disappointing. People who were here the first time are missing, that much is obvious just from looking around – the leaders’ unease with it is clear.

However, it doesn’t cause them to panic or change the point of the meeting, either. At 11:15 PM on the dot, then Shep will begin the meeting by explaining what they are all there for: information. There have been details that the team has been holding back on giving until now, and Shep will somewhat sheepishly explain that it’s because they didn’t want the risk the change of it being leaked in the event that new recruits were incapable or unwilling to blend and lay low for the time being.

Thankfully, he’ll explain, everyone here has more than proven themselves capable of working within Vista’s system. So, they’ve been brought together so they can be fully brought up to speed. Information will be delivered in three parts, by each one of the leaders. Afterwards, questions can be asked, and the rescuers will be allowed to mingle and discuss for a few hours.

All the information is concise, and in the end the actual explanation will end up taking a half hour or less. Afterwards, Gold has brought snacks to share, as has become customary. Hopefully you like pastries.

“So, if you've got the time,
Set up the tone to sync.
Tap in the code,
I'll reach you below.”
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-20 09:19 am (UTC)(link)
"... We'll save them together, right?" It's a quiet voice, maybe not as confident as it once was, but Agent 3 is still not giving up on helping. She can still help with stuff!

She... just needs to figure out what that other stuff is.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-20 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
"Agent 3!" she saw the younger girl and nodded, still feeling terrible for yelling.

"Of course, because we're all going to work together to save them. We have more information now and a much better idea of what we're facing and why! We can't give up and we won't."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-21 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
Agent 3 gives a firm nod. Not rescuing them is simply not an option for this Inkling. "I hope they weren't by themselves... No one should be left alone to fight without any backup."
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-21 07:53 am (UTC)(link)
Ah... she brought up...

"Uh... about that, Agent 3... I actually, I want to apologize for yelling and making you cry, I really didn't mean to or want to do that."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-21 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm not salty about it." Her mouth quirks into a thoughtful frown. She actually wasn't bringing up what happened, but the advice is the same. Fighting outnumbered is a sure way to get splatted. "And... you were right. Ink's not going to work like it does back home."

But that doesn't mean it won't work at all. It still has to be useful!
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-22 08:29 am (UTC)(link)
"I shouldn't have yelled though, you were trying to help me, and you're right, we shouldn't fight alone here. Ah, but maybe your ink can be used a different way here."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-23 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
"If I could go around shooting it. But I can't really do that around here without getting into trouble."

Except for the time when she used it to get on top of a roof. That was completely justified in her eyes, and it was in an alley where no one could see her.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-24 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
"No no, that's not what I mean... what if.. I mean, no one can see through your ink, right? And I'm sure it could mess up gears and the stuff. What if you used your ink to block cameras or to blind machines, that should work, right?"
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-24 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
"..." Agent 3 gives an absolutely stunned look at Usagi. It's not her usual way of pushing forward, but maybe that could work.

"I didn't think about that. I've thrown my bombs as a distraction technique before too."
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-24 07:36 am (UTC)(link)
"Well see! Your ink isn't useless. We just... have to figure out when and where, yeah? Though I'm not the best for that."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-25 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
"Oh! I think I know who I could ask. They're really smart."

And also a greedy baby but... details.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-25 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
"Well, then that's great, please let me know how it goes? I know you'll be amazing at it, whatever they come up with. But who are you going to ask?" just in case she could ask them for help as well.
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-26 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm going to talk to Mammon. They have some good ideas and helped me research Vista City."

And she thinks they're friends, so it's all good.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-26 07:40 am (UTC)(link)
"Ah isn't he great! He's super sweet. He was actually one of the ones to ask me to come. He doesn't like to let people know how sweet he is, but I know." She pressed a finger to her lips and winked. "And you do too. But it's a boy thing about having everyone thinking they're big and tough. So as his friends we should indulge a tiny bit."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-27 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
"They are!" Agent 3 doesn't know if they are a boy or a girl, but it doesn't matter to her. "I got recruited by Master Riku."

Then a worried thought comes to her. "... Have you seen him anywhere?"
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-28 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
"Riku? He lives with me, I see him every day," she assured. "He's still here, safe and sound, he's just running late to the meeting."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-28 09:39 pm (UTC)(link)
"So he's okay!" Agent 3 gives a huge sigh of relief. She didn't realize how worried she was about him until she realized he wasn't around. With all the missing rescuers, it was a valid concern. "If he doesn't make it to the meeting, you tell him to show up next time, so he doesn't scare anyone!"
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-29 04:03 am (UTC)(link)
"He's quite okay, we just celebrated his birthday, in fact. "And don't worry, he's coming tonight, so you can scold him too for worrying you. Ah you know, Agent 3, why don't you come and visit me and Riku?"
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-29 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
"Oh, I will scold him. It's not nice to worry teammates like that." He's one of those lone wolffish types, isn't he? Still, that's not a very good thing to be when they need each other's help.

"But could I? That'd be awesome, and if anything ever happens, I'd know where to go."
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-29 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
"I don't see why you couldn't come and visit? But, what do you mean, where to go, aren't you staying with J?"
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-29 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
"I am, but in case of emergencies! Like I'm in the area and there's bad guys. Or I don't hear from any of you for a really long time. Or I'm too tired from all this walking and need a place to crash for the night."

The latter is unlikely. She usually tries to make it back to her place before she reaches that point.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-02-29 08:07 am (UTC)(link)
"Ah, okay, good. I was worried there for a second that something happened. And no problem, you can come by any time. Why don't you meet me at my flower shop tomorrow and we'll walk to my house after work?"
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-02-29 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
"Okay! I'll see if I can bring some day old pastries with me. J gets to bring a lot of them home, and it's nice to bring something when you visit someone's house, right?"

At least, it's something that's sometimes done back home, and given the money everyone needs to make, a few pastries could help out.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2016-03-01 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
"Ah that would be great. Riku and Minako work at Brad's Diner and a sandwich place so they bring stuff home. I'm in charge of grocery shopping since I'm not allowed to cook. And yes, it's polite to bring something like food or something to drink when visiting."
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-03-01 07:10 am (UTC)(link)
"The pastries are really good too." Breakfast, whenever she happens to wake up, is always a good meal. She was worried about what humans ate when some of her roommates started to cook, but normal human food isn't too different from Inkling food. "What time do you normally get off work?"

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