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Who: Royals, Heroes, and Rebels.
What: Hit gameshow series “Fairy Trial” is celebrating one of its anniversaries, and it’s invited you onboard. Check out the OOC post for IC match ups!
When: March 21st.
Where: Sevetop Entertainment’s studio.
Warnings: Mingle log mystery bag.

“Every prince is a fantasy,
The witch is inside of me.
Her poison will wash away the memory.”


The day has finally come for Fairy Trial filming to begin!

No matter if they’ve arrived by limo or taken the bus, everyone involved gets star treatment as the makeup and costume departments go wild with the models they’ve been given. At least Sevetop has good accomodations. While it’s a chaotic and crowded scene, everyone still manages to fit in the two buildings Sevetop has dedicated for Fairy Trial’s purposes in this area. It’s one of the only points today that anyone will have a chance to everyone else. After all, once everyone involved in a particular challenge is done with, they’re hurried out the door and to their particular destination.

Every challenge has a different area it takes place in, after all. For some pair ups, they’ll find themselves merely being escorted to another set on Sevetop’s huge property. Others will find themselves being escorted to some very classy transportation and taken outside of Vista City to special obstacle courses that simply wouldn’t fit anywhere else. On the bright side, once the actual filming is done no matter the location, the crew involved seems to relax considerably. Whether they’ve done great or not, Heroes and Royals are treated to dinner and a change out of their costumes. Good job, everyone.

“We kill the lights and put on a show.
It's all a lie, but you'd never know.
The star will shine,
And then it will fall,
And you will forget it all.”
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Agent 3 and Finnick

[personal profile] woomy 2016-03-24 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
[ Agent 3 isn't worried about taking the small trip outside of Vista City. She isn't worried when they stop at the obstacle course. It isn't that different from going to different places for Ink Battles. Yet once the challenge location and rules are announced, Agent 3 goes rigid, which is a sure sign something is wrong for one so fluid. They want her to climb up that without her ink while there's water below her...?!

Falling into the water is losing? No! Falling into the water is death! She can't respawn here!

The show employees usher her onto a boat and out to the center of the water, and even covered in padded armor, it's clear there is terror in her eyes. This wouldn't be scary at home. And maybe it wouldn't be as scary if she could just swim up with in. But she can't.

M-my name is Emma Skidd, and I... I will rescue you!

[ Her right hand trembles as she reaches for the first grip on the tower surface. There's no turning back. ]
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[personal profile] thelittlemerman 2016-03-26 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
[Finnick is playing an excellent Rapunzel, his chin resting on his palm as he gazes out the window, but he frowns at little when he sees 'Emma.' It's not that he was hoping for something else but even her body language indicates that she's very anxious to be here. Surely they would have filtered out someone who wasn't up to snuff, which means maybe there's something about this challenge that frightens her, and Finnick feels a twinge of sympathy and frustration at this. It was supposed to be an easy gig. Now he's worried about this poor girl.]

I can help you, but only if you make it just a little closer.
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[ 3 looks up and smiles at Finnick. He's going to help her? He's not going to cause problems like the other Royals did for their heroes? She's has a lucky starfish looking after her.

Wait, she can get a head start if she jumps the first part! However... the boat starts wobbling from side to side just from her kneeling in preparation to jump, and the employee curses and does his best to steady it. She is not going to do that again! Bad! Bad! Bad! She has to grab the handholds and place her feet on the climbing wall to stead herself.

Stupid water!

[ She clings to the wall and misses the boat moving away back to shore. It's only climbing or death now. ]
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[Can she not swim? Finnick can only assume that's the case, which obviously means the stakes of this challenge are much higher in her mind. There are safety boats off camera, of course, and as he looks down he almost wishes their roles were reversed. He's an excellent swimmer after all.]

I hope you aren't afraid of heights.

[He mostly speaks to grab her attention away from what's below her, putting on his concerned face for the cameras. He can't tell if he's annoyed or truly worried at this point.]
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[ The commentator grabs the mic and "And we have Hero Emma Skidd off to a shaky start. Will she be able to scale the tower to save Prince Finnick?"

Agent 3 tries to ignore the commentator and focus on Finnick.

H-Heights aren't the problem!

[ She reaches up with her right hand for a handhold. Then she reaches with her left. It's slow progress, but it's how she's starting. Agent 3 will have to go faster at some point, however. She can't cling forever. ]
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[Finnick smiles for the camera when they mention his name knowing they might use it as an opportunity for a close-up. He looks around at the camera inside his tower, a small thing on a track that they're controlling remotely, supposedly to capture his loneliness up here. It really isn't that bad, though, being alone for a little while. They've put a guitar on a stand near the window that looks down at Emma, in case he decides to pass the time with some music, and he glances at it now.]

It's only a bit further. Don't think about the drop.
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-04-01 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[ The music has her looking up, and her frightened face relaxes a little. Music. Music is important to the Inklings. There's a song that feels like it's part of their very DNA, their soul. It's why she chose to join this rescue mission even though no one from her world had been taken yet.

She can do this. She can do this...

The crowd cheers as she makes it to the part where the rope can be lowered if Finnick so desires.
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[personal profile] thelittlemerman 2016-04-07 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Finnick's distracted, lost in thoughts that he's been trying so hard to banish from his mind. It takes him a moment to register that the crowd is cheering, and when he looks out the window he sees Emma within range, so he goes to get the rope.]

[There's a moment where he looks like he's thinking it over, just for dramatic effect, but then he tosses one end of the rope out the window and it swings into the wall right beside her.]

Need a hand?
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[ Agent 3 hears the cheering, but they seem so far away from her. Far and faint. The pounding in her ears, however, is very loud and clear. ]

Y-Yes please!

[ She says the magic word every Inkling is taught at school and home. Anything to make the climb faster and lower the risk of falling to her death. It takes a lot of concentration and forethought to keep herself from immediately reaching for the rope. That could spell losing balance.

But she does grab on and makes a considerably faster climb up to the edge of the window.
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[Finnick offers her a hand when she's within reach, giving that charming smile he's so practiced at and even shooting a glance at the cameras.]

You see? All you needed was a little faith in yourself.
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[ She'll gladly take that hand, and Finnick better be careful, or else he'll have a squidkid clinging to him. ]

I don't want to do that again! Why water?

[ She hasn't thought about how she's going to get down. Maybe they'll give them a cherry picker ride. ]
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[Finnick draws away once she's on her feet, glancing on the camera and wondering what the plan is from here. He doesn't really like the idea of being stuck in here for hours on end with this girl, as pleasant as she may be.]

Can't you swim?
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[ Agent 3 turns around and gives a wave to the cameras before disappearing from view because she decided to take a seat on the floor. ]

No. Not in water.

[ It's a strange thing to say, but for her, it's natural. She can swim in her own ink. Water is another matter entirely. ]
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[Finnick decides not to pursue that line of questioning, always far too aware that he's being recorded and that suspicious behaviour could get him in trouble, even if it's just being curious about such a strange off-hand remark. Instead, he sighs and looks out the window wistfully.]

I suppose all that's left to do is wait.
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[ She nods and waits in silence for a bit as the camera focuses on Finnick, the wistful Royal. Agent 3 doesn't know if she was supposed to do something for the show once she got up here. Finally, she looks back up at Finnick. ]

... This is kinda anti-climatic, but I'll take it over dying. ... How did you get up here?

[ There's the sound of an engine starting somewhere below, but 3 wonders if he climbed or got a ride up. ]
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[Finnick lets out a laugh and nods to the rug on the floor.]

Maybe this ruins some of the magic, but there's a door under there. Can't open it from this side, but there are cameras everywhere so I just have to trust that they'd open it if I was in any real danger.
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[ She lifts the rug slightly and starts feeling for the edge of the trap door, not trying to pry it open but just trying to see where it is in the fake stonework. ]

That's good.

[ She gives a sigh of relief as she finds and edge and then lets the rug fall back down to the floor. She can also hear a little of the staff starting to plan for the next run of the challenge. ]

Um. Thank you for the help, mister.
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[He laughs softly.]

You can call me Finnick. I'm not old enough to be mister anything.
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Okay, Finnick. Yeah, that seems better for you.

[ She smiles at him. She's about to say something more when there comes the noise of something shuffling beneath them and a knock on the trap door. "Hey, move the rug and move away. We're opening this thing up." ]

Guess it's time for us to go.