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This ain't no Ancho-V Games

Who: Agent 3, people who want to play games or shoot friends with lasers
What: Location based log. Such a noisy place is great to have secret talks or just have some fun on the arcades and shooting friends with lasers.
When: flexible dates in the month of April
Where: Press Start Arcade and Laser Tag
Warnings: Excessive use of black light and neon?

The Press Start Arcade boasts a number of games to pass the hours. The standard set of arcade games are present, along with a few imported arcade cabinets in foreign languages. It's a noisy, vibrant place with lots of foot traffic during after school hours. However, there are also a number of older patrons ranging from college students to "team building" office workers.

The main attraction is laser tag. There are two teams, colors shown on the special numbered vests and guns people have to wear. Team are initially divided into two waiting lobbies before going into the arena. People shoot the targets on the front and back of the vest to score a point. Hitting other people earn points. Getting hit loses points. Getting hit too much "locks" your weapon until you go back to the team base and shoot a recharge target. Key areas in the arena can be strategically captured for more points. There is also an area that looks strangely like something Agent 3 would get up to. At the end of the match, the points are tallied up on a big flat screen. Both the team scores and individual scores (shown by what number gear the person is wearing) are showed. Fun for everyone!

There is also a small pizza and soda place and a party room because what self respecting laser tag place doesn't have pizza and soda and party rooms?

[[ OOC: Agent 3 will have a thread of her own if people want to interact with her. Otherwise, you can use this for whatever shenanigans you like. ]]
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Mai has been looking for a place beyond the relative safety of her room at the penthouse for target practice. And while this isn't precisely knives, it's the closest she's going to get to a sanctioned and normal practicing place for now. Hey, at least she gets to work on her aim and speed, right?

The violinist isn't really all the easy to find. She's not exactly hiding but she seems to have this tendency of sticking to the shadows and hitting shots when she can. Now and then if she seems to feel she has a very good shot she'll charge in gung ho and laser gun blazing.

Of course, there's always the chance she runs right smack into someone turning a corner too.


Because nothing says games like getting pumped on sugar and grease, right? Mai isn't complaining, though she makes an interesting picture as she stands just outside the main floor of the arcade with her drink in one hand. She's dressed down - dark shirt with a logo, silvery necklaces and jeans - but she's still as darkly dressed as ever. And amidst the colorful flashing lights, she sticks out just a little.

[Feel free to hit me up with a prompt you think up or PM me. I'm game.]
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"From what I remember this morning, sure." The life of a rockstar never meant one did anything intentionally after a long night of drinking, partying or practicing. Or something like that.
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At that Mai grins. "You catch on quick." No, really, she's very pleased that someone else recognizes the sense in it.

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[Kuroko had come just to see how Emma was doing with her job and stayed for a few rounds of laser tag. He proved to be exceptional at avoiding fire, as his opponents kept forgetting he was there.

Too bad his aim is crap. Can't have everything. He approaches her afterwards, at the prize counter, looking curiously at some of the more expensive prizes.]

Are there actually kids saving up tickets to get a rice cooker?
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That's very thoughtful of him.

[Especially considering it would probably be cheaper just to buy a rice cooker instead of playing all those games. But probably a lot less fun too...]

Have you gotten any interesting prizes? Or are these off limits to employees?

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[ An arcade makes a strange place for a rockstar to stop for lunch but Roy's bodyguard is posted a the door and the artist himself has been contemplating the pizza choices for a while. He sticks out with his sunglasses on indoors and his guitar case on his back but the gamers present don't seem to mind the new face since 'he looks kinda cool, whichever celebrity he is' and 'stars can like video games too.' ]
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[ Roy can feel her stare and he turns to look, not entirely sure what to expect. When he sees 3, he smiles. Looks like his lunch will continue smoothly after all and who knows, if 3 is here he just might give a game a try. ]

Hello Emma. How are you? [ She appears to be wearing the uniform for the arcade... ] I didn't know you worked here.

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[Maxxie is super competitive, but in a fun way, you know? In the lobby he's bouncing excitedly and holding up his laser gun with a grin. He may even be engaging in a little bit of shit-talking, trying to egg on his team-mates (consisting primarily of other Flashstep members, probably) into a bit of friendly competition to see who can score the most points.]

[Once they're actually inside Maxxie is just as high energy and even a bit reckless. It would not be a surprise to see him do an action roll across a hallway, but he hangs back when he should.]

[Having caught the competitive spirit bug, when Maxxie's not recovering from a laser tag match he's probably challenging someone to some 2-player arcade game. He's surprisingly not sour when he loses, almost like his attitude has shifted a bit in the past few months...]

[Anyway other than that he's enjoying some pizza with his bandmates or posing for selfies when fans approaching him. All around this is a pretty good day for him.]
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[Laser tag seems awfully sport like, what with the weapons and running around and everything good and fun like that.

Demyx is not terribly athletic, never has been. He never wanted to be an athlete and more importantly, he's never played laser tag before. He holds the gun awkwardly, turning it over in his hand curiously.

His band invited him out, so he should be there, trying to blend in, although really, they all seem so excited to be out playing together and he isn't sure about how to even play.]
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[Maxxie notices Demyx struggling a little before they're about to go in, and approaches him with his most sympathetic and helpful face. He may have been shit-talking with Jamie just a moment before, but they're all here to have a good time first and foremost, so he wants to make sure Demyx feels included.]

Hey, you ever played this before?
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[He tilts his hand a little, holding the gun loosely and he looks up when Maxxie approaches him. He wasn't really expecting to be noticed. He shakes his head, offering a pleasant smile.]

No, uh, actually I haven't. I kind of get the idea.
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Yeah, you just point a shoot. Gotta keep from getting shot too, and you'll know it when this - [he taps the vest Demyx is wearing] - starts blinking and everything.

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[Terry is... Actually surprisingly good at this. He's no action hero, but he's quick on his feet and blends in upsettingly well. Also? Totally ruthless. He's not a sore loser, but he came for points. Also it's kind of a good outlet for how stressed and angry he's been as of late.]

[There's something about the gun in his hand that feels weird, and the thought "I never finished basic anyway" flashes through his mind when they're getting started, but that gets pushed to the back of his mind in favour of total friendly annihilation.]

[Knowing how competitive he can be, Terry sticks to the single player games. He's better at the retro stuff, and anything requiring good hand-eye co-ordination is... Not his forte. Occasionally he gets cornered by a fan, so there are selfies abound! And he gives them his tickets too, since he's not really planning on using them for anything anyway.]

[Seeing as he came with Maxxie and the rest of Flashstep, Terry spends his downtime eating and chilling with them. He and Maxxie are increasingly becoming one of those couples who are attached at the hip and it's disgusting. Sorry everyone.]

[Let's party]
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Army vs. Cops let's go

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[Shingo felt like this was a little unfair for him to go in on a game like this, but he knew musicians sometimes hung out here so here he was. Backing up the others on possibly getting some kids out.

This kid was good, though. He saw him nail a few others with some good moves. This would be fun.

He pressed his back up against a wall and slowly peered around it. He hadn't planned too well for this with his clothes, but at least he wasn't wearing white.

There he was. About 5 meters off. He could just pick him off here but it would be more fun to sneak up on him. The aiming on these guns was nothing like his service revolver anyway.

And so, creeping he went. Hopefully nothing happened to give him away while this guy was distracted.]
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[Is it cheating to use his powers? Yes. Is that gonna stop him? No.]

[It's not a perfect system anyway, volume isn't strictly linked to distance - he can hear one kid freaking out at House of the Dead way out in the arcade loud and clear - but it's good practice. Learning to filter things out, learning to focus. It's easier to pick out other musicians, most of them are a little afraid all the time anyway.]

[Terry's listening for someone, someone with a very specific fear of the dark? No, it's spiders. They don't like the dark because they can't see if there are spiders. So he cast a quick look around, checking to see if anyone was nearby before he waited just around the corner they'd hopefully be turning around soon.]

[What a shame his sight isn't as keen as his reflexes, or he'd know he's not in a good position to just be loitering.]
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[This was practically a gift. He checked his own tail to make sure no one was getting the drop on him. That would put a damper on this.

He decided to see just how close he could get. He had his gun out, ready to fire at the slightest provocation. One foot in front of the other.

Finally, he came close enough that he could press the middle of his laser gun against the sensor at the back of Terry's vest. He gave him a moment to feel the pressure of that before he shot.]
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[Terry jumps when he feels the pressure on the back of his vest, and then there's the flash hand the lights on his vest go out. Well, it's half a minute until he can shoot again. Terry laughs and turns around to face his assailant.]

You got me.