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This ain't no Ancho-V Games

Who: Agent 3, people who want to play games or shoot friends with lasers
What: Location based log. Such a noisy place is great to have secret talks or just have some fun on the arcades and shooting friends with lasers.
When: flexible dates in the month of April
Where: Press Start Arcade and Laser Tag
Warnings: Excessive use of black light and neon?

The Press Start Arcade boasts a number of games to pass the hours. The standard set of arcade games are present, along with a few imported arcade cabinets in foreign languages. It's a noisy, vibrant place with lots of foot traffic during after school hours. However, there are also a number of older patrons ranging from college students to "team building" office workers.

The main attraction is laser tag. There are two teams, colors shown on the special numbered vests and guns people have to wear. Team are initially divided into two waiting lobbies before going into the arena. People shoot the targets on the front and back of the vest to score a point. Hitting other people earn points. Getting hit loses points. Getting hit too much "locks" your weapon until you go back to the team base and shoot a recharge target. Key areas in the arena can be strategically captured for more points. There is also an area that looks strangely like something Agent 3 would get up to. At the end of the match, the points are tallied up on a big flat screen. Both the team scores and individual scores (shown by what number gear the person is wearing) are showed. Fun for everyone!

There is also a small pizza and soda place and a party room because what self respecting laser tag place doesn't have pizza and soda and party rooms?

[[ OOC: Agent 3 will have a thread of her own if people want to interact with her. Otherwise, you can use this for whatever shenanigans you like. ]]
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[Kuroko had come just to see how Emma was doing with her job and stayed for a few rounds of laser tag. He proved to be exceptional at avoiding fire, as his opponents kept forgetting he was there.

Too bad his aim is crap. Can't have everything. He approaches her afterwards, at the prize counter, looking curiously at some of the more expensive prizes.]

Are there actually kids saving up tickets to get a rice cooker?
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That's very thoughtful of him.

[Especially considering it would probably be cheaper just to buy a rice cooker instead of playing all those games. But probably a lot less fun too...]

Have you gotten any interesting prizes? Or are these off limits to employees?
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Are they? Which is your favorite game?

[Kuroko has ever been the type to spend much time in arcades so he doesn't play a lot of video games in the first place.]
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Are you? I don't suppose you could give me some tips?

[Because that attempt at laser tag was a disgrace.]
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I would appreciate it, but.... only if it won't get you in trouble with your boss.

[Although realistically the odds of her boss even noticing him are pretty low anyway.]
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In that case I'll gratefully take you up on the offer.

[He'll let her lead the way to the shooting games. Fair warning, he really is awful. He would actually have better aim throwing the gun than shooting it.]
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[He nods firmly, takes the plastic gun, and starts firing. Out of ten shots, he makes a whopping.... one.

Yeah, one out of ten. Then he turns to her with a serious expression.]

How was that?

[He has to ask?]
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Yes, I thought so.

[Yeah, he can tell he sucks. Actually he would probably rock a roller though. He'd have half the stage covered before the other team even knew he was there. He selects the training mode and tries again.

This will take a while.

In his favor though, his focus on the task is incredible, and no matter how badly he does there's no sense of discouragement. Kuroko is not the sort of person who gives up. And slowly, slowly but surely, he starts hitting the target.

About half the time. You can't have everything.]

This is much more difficult than it looks.