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Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?

Who: Greg, then open to Agent Apartment residents
What: Lapis confronts Greg about the things she's learned from Steven; life with Agent Apartment residents
Where: Beach, then Agent Apartment
When: Early April
Warnings: Angry blue lady.

A. Closed to Greg - She's waiting there for Greg when he comes -- a blue wraith in the near-darkness, stepping out from behind the rocks when she's sure he's alone. The ocean is restless that night, with a smell of a storm rolling in from the sea; the waves fidget, lashing against the sands in fitful bursts like energy just barely contained.

There are things she needs to discuss with him. She's been waiting.

B. Open to Agent Apartment - With the combination of the city being so close to the sea and the wet season upon them, it's not infrequent that Lapis -- or rather, Luna -- comes to Agent Apartment damp . . . even dripping. Find her when she comes in the door, or when she's dryer (hair much fluffier) and herself again, curling up in a corner of the couch with a minute sigh of what could be pleasure/relief.

She never makes a big deal of her presence; she generally settles in to watch whatever action is currently going on, leaning on the couch arm with a half-smile, her legs tucked up underneath her.

C. Closed to Steven - She gets to see him almost regularly now -- generally later into the evening, when practices are complete and most of the rest of the dancers are packing up or in the showers. Unnoticed, Lapis separates from the others, heading off. (The others are already convinced that Luna is a little stuck up, never staying and talking or going out afterwards with them. Lapis herself has barely noticed.)

She heads off to the designated meeting spot -- a quiet corner in one of the empty practice rooms, readily out of sight of the door. Legs tucked up underneath her skirts, she sits waiting for him, rolling a bit of the fabric between her fingers.

Today there's a woven bag beside her. She's hoping what's inside will lift his spirits.

D. Closed to Frisk - I want to bring him back before Papyrus knows.

The words haven't quite left Lapis since Papyrus appeared in the apartment. At first it's merely something to tuck away -- something to check on with Frisk once they reappear, something to resolve and put aside.

The problem is that Frisk doesn't reappear.

Even that wouldn't completely be a worry; Frisk is often out and about the city, and between their intermittent stops in Agent Apartment and Lapis', missing each other is par for the course.

The bigger problem is that word comes through that Sans has been captured.

And Frisk doesn't return.

Those two facts are what prompt Lapis to move. Though she can't take time off practice, she takes time from the spa, using the extra hours to comb places they tend to be or that she thinks would attract them.

Maybe it's nothing.

But she can't get rid of the echo of the words in her own head.

The warehouse is one of the last places she checks. It doesn't rate high on the list of places she might expect them to be, abandoned long ago and used only for the briefest of intervals. But. She's checked so many other places, and this can't be left from the list.

Her feet are light, barely audible as she steps into the space. The vastness of it stretches over her, around her -- makes her wary. For a moment she lingers close to the door, one hand still on the knob.

Calling quietly: "Hello?"
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At this point, Agent 3 isn't sure who is staying in the apartment now. She's only sure of Signless and Agent J. However, she welcomes any rescuer and tries to help when she can.

Come night, she likes sleeping on the couch and to save the larger beds for the bigger people. 3 flops onto the other side of the couch in her squid form. She's tired from work. There was a birthday party at the laser tag place, and the kids didn't know how not to run. At some points, the entire party was in their bases because she one-shot KOed them for breaking the rules.

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3 hops and flops to one side of the couch to make room. She's even smaller as a squid, and though she's made of ink and shimmers like a puddle of it, she leaves no traces on the cushions. The wall that's covered in streaks of bright green ink is another matter entirely. At least the ink will vanish on its own in time.

"Are you spending the night tonight? I think J brought home some more pastries from the cafe."
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"Ah... that's too bad. They're really tasty." Even if they're a day old. Still very good. 3 doesn't really get how someone who's not a robot or a ghost doesn't need to eat can survive without some kind of energy source, but she's not too bothered by it either. (Strangely enough, a being made of ink still needs to eat and drink.)

The mention of water causes her own pause. "Well... water's okay when I'm not falling into it and being dissolved to death. It can be really pretty, but if I get too diluted, I'm a goner."
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"We evolved from those squids. It was a really, really, really, long time ago when the polar ice caps still existed. Probably humans too." Agent 3 looks at all the signs in the apartment that showed humans lived there. In some case, they were easily confused for the way an Inkling lived, but 3 could tell.

"It's really weird being in the past."
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"I don't know exactly, but the humans caused the ocean waters to rise and the ice caps to melt. I guess it's global warming." There's a lot that they don't know about humans, and unfortunately, Agent 3 doesn't think that anyone will really believe her when she returns home. She's just a kid who does Ink Battles. She's not a part of the scientific community.

"We find artifacts and skeleton fossils mostly.
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"You know, like how we know about dinosaurs because of the bones? I've see a picture of a fossilized skeleton doing a ritual. I think it was a human. At least, the humans here have internal skeletons. That's what it says in the library."

3 finds this and the past fascinating.