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Who: Everyone!
What: The ghosts are back, and they've brought you some FEELS.
When: April 18th-21st.
Where: Predominantly outside of the label HQ walls. Occasionally inside, too.
Warnings: The usual.

“'Cause the world might do me in.
It's alright 'cause I'm with friends.
Guess I'm giving up again...
It doesn't matter.”


The spirits that have walked the halls of the label towers for months now have returned once again - and while the last time they appeared they were pleading for your help, this time they are here to offer their aid in return. All four ghosts will be trying to find all musicians and rescuers aligned to their spiritual emotion in order to bestow some sweet spectral gifts open them. Some of you may have met them already, some of you may have not. While in the past their identities were a mystery, in their last encounter with the labels it was shown that they are in fact the spirits of the late Crescendolls, a former Virgo band that claims to have been murdered by Lesedi Santiago.

Though most will still be unaware of this, they may have a chance to ask questions today. These are the four naked alien spirits who will be visiting, and the emotion they align to:

► Duty: Brave, dedicated, and willful, Arpegius is the lead guitarist and the sort of guy who will fight you or for you for all the right reasons. He's street smart enough to know how to choose his battles.

► Passion: Young, boisterous, and a little bit crass, Baryl is the drummer of the band and as compassionate as he is rowdy when he slows down enough to be.

► Hope: Inspired, intelligent, and chill, Octave is the keyboardist and lead singer. He's the most mature of the group and was also the oldest - before they all died, anyway. Still, he manages to be proactive about his ghostly status.

► Love: Quiet, mysterious, and surprisingly capable of being a badass, Stella is the basist of the group. From the outside she may appear to be almost stereotypically demure, but there is an emotional strength inside that not many get to see.

They will not be able to spend much time with each person, nor will they be inclined to go near the HQs if they can avoid it. But they will be able to communicate with each person briefly if they share an alignment, in order to give them one of the following gift, of which every character in the game may pick one.

► Knowledge: You can ask your ghost a question about the in-game situation (they don't know anything about your home life so don't ask them about that) and they'll answer with any information they've gathered as an invisible ghost witness or go seek it out for you.

► Strength: The ghost will leave part of their power with you, in the form of a burst of spiritual strength you can access at a moment of your choice. Generally speaking this will manifest in a manner similar to an "adrenaline rush" or "last effort" energy boost where your character's physical strength or abilities increase 50% - 100% for a short period of time. The more powerful the boost the shorter time it will last. It works even better if, at the moment of its triggering, you are deeply in tune with the emotion you and the ghost represents.

► Healing: Your ghost will attempt to heal you physically or emotionally - this isn't the best for severe physical wounds, but it is very good for unlocking mental blocks or helping you get past trauma in order to pursue the greater good. This can be used for a large memory regain or to sooth any kind of mental trauma that is holding your character back. Effectiveness varies from person to person, but the treatment will be focused around enhancing the emotional alignment shared between the ghost and you. EDIT: Healing can be given to someone else immediately, but can't be stored like Strength and Protection can, unless you work out something specific with your ghost.

► Protection: Much like the strength boon, this is a power left with you by the ghost that can be triggered at a future moment. Instead of enhancing your abilities however, it will act as a physical or mental defense against one potentially deadly assault. This gift can also be transferred to another person at the recipient's request.

The ghosts will be you their magic ghost dust, promise that they will be watching and protecting you where they can, and then be on their way. However, those who helped rescue them during the In Reaching Out plot will get something a little bit extra. (IE, those who participated in the Ghost Quest plot.) They'll both get their immediate pick of one of the above boons as well as:

► Spirit Summon: Your aligned spirit will give each Ghost Quest participant the ability to summon them for direct aid on one occasion, in the form of a small ectoplasmic token. Their arrival can be used for anything they are capable of pulling off with their ghost magics that they don't find morally objectionable. Basically, a ghost will appear and help you out when you need it. Choose wisely.

Along with all these gifts, each ghost will be bolstering the emotional aspect you share. Love alignment people will feel strengthened by the power of their love, Hopes will feel increasingly hopeful and capable, and etc. This is not something that will make them behave destructively - it is a positive blessing speaking to the strongest sides of their patron emotion.

Keep in mind that these spirits do have wills of their own, and being rude or dismissive towards them will result in them passing you by. Boons will only go towards those that seem like they will be using them for good intent.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: During and after this event, musicians will be able to regain memories of their capture as well the occasional flash of their initial programming!

“Had me feeling like a ghost,
And that's what I hate the most.
Guess I'm giving up again...
This time I might just disappear.”
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-04-27 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
Agent 3's encounter with the ghosts (or ghost, rather) went rather well. She had no memory to regain, and she was given encouragement and the promise of strength when it was needed. A chance to take to the battlefield. So she's in good spirits, mostly. But, that's not everyone. 3 likes to think she gets along with Rarity because they can talk about fashion. She's got pretty fresh tastes. So, when she sees her looking like she lost the finals, 3 wants to help cheer her up.

"Hey, do you want some hot chocolate? I can put in some marshmallows." She sees that Rarity already has a drink, but she offers anyways. It's a better option than leftover pizza from her work.
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Rarity tries to smile and almost makes it. She's grateful for Agent 3's friendship - she's enthusiastic and sweet, and it's nice to talk to someone about something that isn't how difficult it must be for Rarity to be kidnapped and half-brainwashed and on the run, which is a lot of what people seem to want to talk about even though Rarity decidedly does not. "I think I'm set for now, but thank you."
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"J brought some pastries and stuff too if you're hungry." 3 decides to have one herself, a banana nut muffin. She takes a seat on the couch and holds out a magazine she checked out from the library. It's fashion magazine that talks about the upcoming summer trends. "Wanna go hat shopping with me later?"

Given that summer is coming, 3 can't really go around with her overly large, slouchy knit cap without drawing attention. But she still needs to hide her tentacles some how. (Thankfully headphones never go out of season and pointed ears won't have to be explained.)
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[personal profile] sailorgenerous 2016-05-03 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm quite alright, but I do appreciate the offer." The tea is less because she needs it - she doesn't - and more to have something to occupy herself with.

Of course, the magazine will fill that niche nicely. She picks up the magazine with her magic and flips through it idly. "Of course! We do need to find you something that works for spring, after all. How do you feel about a nice cloche hat?"
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3's first thought was that sounds like something related to clams, but she peers over Rarity's shoulder to see an example. That hat looks like a very tight fit. "I'm not sure... that looks like it'd be too tight for my tentacles to fit under. Or it'd look super weird and not very fresh."

And that would be the true crime. It wouldn't be a problem if she could wear the hat normally with her tentacles hanging down, but she can't.