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Who: Everyone!
What: Vista City amps up for Pride and Virgo's WORLD TOUR with HYPE WEEK.
When: May 1st - May 5th 2055
Where: Various places in Vista City
Warnings: Could be anything.

“Try to make it look like it's all somehow getting better,
'Cause I know how to play it pretty good against the measure.
Everyone started out a little insane,
But we learn pretty quick how to fake it for the game.”


Hype Week is less an official label event, and more something that the media has created in response to a particularly odd situation. Pride and Virgo appear to be functioning in unison - launching separate world tours on practically the same date, launching vast quantities of new material and media events, and making a point of never mentioning or acknowledging the actions of the other. Could this be some kind of collaborative event? A viral marketing campaign? No one is really sure, but the local economy is happy to capitalize on it in order to make it as big of a city-wide ordeal as possible.

For musicians, this means all kinds of event that they have to attend and cooperate with - everything from photo shoots, to signing, to music video premiers. For rescuers, this means one last opportunity to track down those still trapped before they are whisked away on a world spanning journey. Events that will be happening:

► NEW SINGLES: Hot new singles are getting released by bands all over the place. While actual concerts and performances are not actually happening much during the hype period, each band is probably releasing at least one new single and hyping it all to hell with one song performances here and there on TV and the like. You can have fun defining that single for your band, or leave it ambiguous! Up to you.

► PANELS AND INTERVIEWS: Musicians will get carted all over to various talk shows and public question panel events - a lot of questions will be asked about the World Tour and its specifics, of which the musicians themselves seem to know very little. This goes for the veterans as much as it does the fledglings.

► MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERS: In which a bunch of fancy music people go to fancy theaters and watch all the new music videos for the new singles, and then write articles about this. This is also something you are welcome to create specifics for.

► SIGNINGS AND PUBLIC APPEARANCES: While many of the veterans and doing things like autobiographical books signings and what not, the newer musicians are more likely to just be signing millions of World Tour specific posters and CD releases. Its quite likely that they are going to be totally run down after all these appearances and preparations - try to stay awake at the table!

► WORLD TOUR PREMIER: This will be covered in a second log a few days from now. For now, the musicians are just being prepped for a music festival to end all music festivals, that will start May 5th and cover the entire weekend. They've been practicing rigorously all month - they'll have to hope they have the stamina to make it to the actual performance.

All the while, Gold and Silver have been mysteriously absent. Silver has been here and there, handing out supplies and necessary tech, but guidance for rescuers has been minimal. Gold hasn't been seen at all.

Part way into the week, at least, Shep will return with a new batch of rescuers, just in time for the premier! New musicians and band combinations will slowly be announced over this week as well, with some of them being saved for the premier festival itself. That is, any OOC changes made to bands and last minute new members are going to get announced like they are big exciting unveilings, because spin doctoring is what the labels do!

Everyone hearing the new singles will be able to tell that they seem especially ear wormy - extra hip, extra catchy, like the best examples of each bands radio popularity. Rescuers in particular, though, will notice something sort of strange about them. It's more than just song being catchy. People who are not musicians themselves will find themselves being unnaturally charmed by them, as if each time they hear these singles they are being slowly brainwashed into becoming more and more fixated on the artists performing.

Of course, this can be stopped by just not listening to them for a few days, but it's hard to avoid when pretty much every public location has been playing these singles non stop. Along with this effect, there are some particulars:

► PREDATOR DREAMS: The Pride band Predator is the same as the others, in that it has a particularly intrusive single that's just been introduced. There is one difference. It may take a while to notice, but it can be noted that one starts to feel somewhat tired and dazed after listening to it repeatedly, like they are somehow drained. The single is called The Spaces In Between and it is somewhat unusual that Cass, the member who usually primarily focuses on instrumentals and back up singing, is now performing lead.

If your character hears this song several times, they may suffer some weird DREAMS - especially if they received a dose of Gold's magic powder in the Better To Pretend event. If you'd like to receive a dream, please write "DREAM PLEASE" in your subject line, along with a written section describing an instance of your character having regular dreams that I can manipulate. Anywhere else and I might miss it.

► ESCAPED MUSICIANS: Musicians that have escaped and are now in hiding will find themselves particularly mentally manipulated by the singles released by their home label. They will find their minds unusually filled with thoughts of returning to their labels, as well as increased paranoia about being caught. Any remaining programming will be particularly triggered and brought to the surface. They'll be able to push it down with self control and assistance from other characters, but the thoughts will become more invasive the more they listen to it.

“'Cause everybody's so scared,
We don't wanna go there.
We don't wanna make a move,
We got all our lives to lose.
Screaming in the dark while we just play our part out.

I play along,
Like I don't know what's going on.”
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Closed to Apartments Agent and Undertale

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J isn't acting like himself, to say the least.

It takes him three tries to get the key in the lock - he's shaking almost too badly to function - but he finally gets it open and heads inside, closing the door behind him. There's no cheery greeting; no inquiries as to how everyone's day has been; nothing. Instead, he makes a beeline for the kitchen table and sinks down into a chair, burying his face in his hands.

He's not okay.
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"Augh!" Papyrus screeches, as his third draw in a row is a Draw Two. "This is very statistically unlikely! What is this?"

But he reaches out, complying with the instructions on the card glaring sullenly at the discard pile. If anybody giggles at his ill fortune, he just crosses his arms and scowls more intensely. It's like he used up all his good fortune rescuing Sans, and now all the little things of life are tripping him up. Weird changes to his sleeping habits, horrible luck in all the games they're playing...
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"It's just a streak of bad luck," Rarity says reassuringly, as though Papyrus losing every game of Uno their group has played in the past hour is no big deal. (It isn't to her - she has several victories under her metaphorical belt at this point - but it might be to Papyrus.) "Don't worry - I'm certain it will pass." She lays down one of the cards in her hand and smiles at the last remaining card she's holding. "Uno!"

The door opening does not go unnoticed - she's been terrified recently that someone would find her, and so of course she's aware of anyone coming in. What's odd is J's demeanor - she doesn't think she's ever seen him like this. "Are you alright?"
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Lapis still has cards in her hands and is still managing to look bewildered by them, despite her whirlwind instruction. She's just leaning over with her fanned stack to Frisk to whisper a question when J's presence and Rarity's query interrupt.

Unlike Rarity, she says nothing, but her hands come to rest in her lap, eyes never leaving him. She's caught the quiver. She knows full well that J likes to hide -- prefers it -- behind his shades and his theatrical skills and his accents.

But right now . . . he isn't hiding. She can see the shake of his hands.

Without even considering it, suddenly she's set her cards down (wrong side up) and trails across the room over to him. Still she says nothing, but a hand rests on the back of chair next to him as though claiming it -- even though she doesn't yet sit, uncertain.

Her eyes are on his hands.
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3 has been playing cards as well, fairing about even with her luck, her wins and her loses. It's been interesting for her to learn the game. However, at the door opening, she looks up in alarm. She has her tentacles down, so her identity would be blown. 3's not sure the reality is much better.

"Agent J? What happened?! Are you hurt?" She jumps up and dashes to his side.
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Normally, he'd be worried about this much attention when he's not feeling his best. Normally, he'd be trying to deflect concern with a smile and reassurances. Normally, he can think straight. Today isn't normal.

He takes a shaky breath and lets it out slowly. "I'm not hurt," he manages, dropping his hands into his lap. "Just..." How does he even explain? Lapis is the only person here with any context for why he'd be affected so badly, and even then it's a completely new development that's thrown him for a loop. What does he even say? "It's bad out there."
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Whatever's wrong with J, at least Papyrus has been given a reprieve from his losing streak. It's hard to continue playing when a few of the players leave their cards behind.

He gently places his cards on the floor out of the way, stretches, and looks over at the small crowd of concerned friends. "What's bad? The weather?" If that's what's wrong, he should give Sans a call, and tell him not to walk home.
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"Lapis, can I talk with you?"

There's something to be said for a moment to breathe. That's about all J gives himself before asking Lapis for a conversation and heading back into one of the rooms in the apartment, waiting for her to follow and trying not to listen too closely to Sans' tune as they pass him. Sans is ten kinds of traumatized; he's also hands-off right now. It hurts to pass him by and do nothing - now that J is not longer afraid, it burns.

They could have talked through this. They could have gotten out of the situation without violence. There were a whole lot of other options they could have taken, but no, someone had to jump the gun.

He knows Lapis. He knows she's twitchy, and just this side of paranoid, and that she was trying to protect him. That doesn't change the fact that she didn't trust him and made the situation worse. That doesn't make him any less angry.

Yeah. He's still upset, but it's quickly becoming fuel for the fire, and he still hasn't decided whether to temper it or let it burn.

He closes the door behind them. When he speaks, his voice is flat, as close to neutral as he can get but still not happy.

"What was that."
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Is it really a request if he assumes she'll follow? Lapis has remained in the same position she has been since letting go of Sans -- shoulders slightly shrugged, arms tightly around herself, hands braced at her elbows, watching Sans. Her eyes flick up after J, and she follows, silent, into the next room.

"What?" Her voice is quietly hoarse. What was what?
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"That. You-" He pauses, reins it in for a hot second, and switches tacks. "When did you stop trusting me?" Despite his efforts, his voice has taken on a hard edge.
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It's a strange sound to his voice, and for the question he's asking, it's difficult for her to interpret. She follows this track, lets the current carry her until she understands.

"I haven't."
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"Really!" Part of him knows he needs to keep a lid on his temper; the other part of him is just this side of not caring. It's a dangerous balance, and he's not terribly invested in maintaining it. "Then what part of put it away did you not get? Because I thought I was pretty clear!"

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TEN MINUTE BREAK: Sans, Papyrus, and Rarity

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Sans doesn't really do anything when Lapis lets him go - at least, not besides slowly dripping down the wall (somewhat literally, thanks to the water left from his bonds) and sliding into a crumpled pile at its base. He wraps his arms around his knees and stays there like he's trying to block the rest of the world out.

What do you do when you've just endured something excruciating and you know there's only going to be more in the future? You do nothing. There's nothing you can do. Putting up any more of a fuss is pointless, and all it's going to do is cause you more hurt in the end.

So, he hides his face in his arms, his bones rattling with fear. He waits.
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Now that all the anger is fizzling, and the aggressively floating objects are done doing their thing... Sans looks so small, and so scared.Pulling himself in, and rattling like that...

Papyrus has never felt like that, of course, because he's basically never been so small! Or all that afraid of anything. But if he strains himself, he can imagine it. Imagine how it would feel, and remember the last few times he saw Sans so frightened, and the way he seemed worse each time Papyrus tried to get close. Sure, Rarity has a comforting hand on Sans's shoulder, and he's not reacting to it. But... that's different. Rarity isn't Papyrus, and it's Papyrus that Sans kept trying to run from. So he can't push it, not yet

So rather than envelop his brother in a hug like he wants to... Papyrus sits beside him, a couple feet away, and slouches to make himself even smaller. Maybe that will help his brother feel not-alone, in a good way instead of a crowded and panicking way.

"I'm sorry, brother. Everything happened so fast... I didn't even think the blasters would scare anyone!"
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Rarity doesn't say much of anything. The imminent danger is gone, yes, but that doesn't mean this is anywhere near over for Sans.

At a loss for anything better to do, she takes a seat next to Sans, tucking her legs under her. After a moment, she magics a hand towel from the kitchen to her hand and starts patting Sans dry, gently as she can manage, humming quietly all the while. It's a song she only vaguely remembers, but she knows it is a lullaby; perhaps it will help soothe him.

She'll let Papyrus do the talking for now; he likely knows Sans better than she does. She has to believe he'll know what to say.
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For the first little while, it feels like his ears are rigging too loud for him to hear anything that going on. It feels like a surprise when he realizes that he's hearing a voice, and the soft sound of singing. He has to rise into it gradually, and wait until the fog parts enough that he can even understand anything that he's taking in.

He spends a few moments more coiled into himself before very slightly beginning to open himself, physically and mentally. He's startled to realize that Rarity has actually been mopping him off this whole time, as if the gentle touch had gone unnoticed simply because it hadn't been forceful enough to cause any pain. He's unfurled just enough that his eyes are peaking out over the coverage of his arms. He looks at what Rarity is doing but makes no move to accept the gesture nor refuse it.

Then he looks back at Papyrus, and just stares at first, the lights in his sockets dull and wavering. It feels like waking up in the lab all over again, with Papyrus and Frisk looming over him. Yet, even as he remembers Papyrus clearly now, he can't help but see a vision of someone else.

[personal profile] spaghettimonster 2016-05-11 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
For Papyrus, the silent stillness isn't an improvement. Fighting would have been easier; monsters express themselves through magic, and maybe familiar patterns of bones would have reminded Sans where he was and who he was with. But the blasters came out, and it made sense that everyone got... alarmed and frightened. Blasters weren't for casual fights. They could be scary.

Alas, stillness and silence are what he has to work with, so he fills the silence with his own commentary. "I knew you didn't really want to hurt anybody. Lifting all those knickknacks... Leaving all the people alone... You were like a babybones. One who can't verbalize why they're upset, and rattling just isn't enough!"

His brother finally starts to move, glancing up at Rarity, then Papyrus. But his eye lights don't look right, like he's still half-asleep. Clearly, more talking is in order. "But! 3 had the right idea. And everybody is taking a few minutes to sit, and talk. And then we can talk about everything sensibly! And... figure out a way to fix all this."

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TEN MINUTE BREAK: Agent 3 and Signless

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woomy: icon of a huffy Agent 3 (Glubbin' fintastic...)

[personal profile] woomy 2016-05-11 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Agent 3 watches the other rescuers go their separate ways into smaller groups with less chance of catastrophic chaos. She waits a moment longer before looking at a clock on the wall. Okay, ten minutes. They can stop trying to splat each other for ten minutes, right?

With the immediate danger subdued, she grabs her hat and tucks her tentacles beneath it, and then she peeks her head out the front door. She looks one way. She looks another. It looks like their neighbors aren't going to storm the place thinking a murder is going on. That is a plus.

3 returns inside and curls up on the couch, hugging her knees to her chest. She balls her fists tightly. Stupid, salty, squidiotic, noobish teammates who can't communicate or trust. Half-Bubbler or not, she put herself in the way of the water Lapis controlled. She could have been killed. And over something that can still be fixed! They just need to work together and know what everyone can do.

If they want to fight, play laser tag or Cerio Kart. Then move on, so that the rescuers can win and save the musicians. Pride and Virgo will have it easy if the rescuers take each other out. Don't they get that?
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[personal profile] spokethetruth 2016-05-11 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
Given his nocturnal habits, Signless has been sleeping most of this time. Given that his housemates being a touch rowdy isn't exactly uncommon (especially when playing card games) the conflict was already resolving when he realized something seriously was going on - clued in mostly by the sound of Agent 3 telling everyone off.

He comes out in a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants, with his black hair frizzed out and his red eyes still hazy with sleep. Getting any rest without sopor slime is, as ever, a challenge. It doesn't take long for him to become concerned enough to snap awake, though, especially at the sight of water puddles on the floor.

Lapis certainly gives those a whole new meaning.

He finds Agent 3 on the couch. He pauses for a few moments, looking her over, before hesitantly sitting down at her side.

"3... are you alright?" He'll get that covered and then ask for details.
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-05-11 03:38 am (UTC)(link)
She lifts her head up as Signless sits down. His sleeping habits usually mean that they catch each other at weird hours of the day, but she's not bothered by it. Nor is she bothered by his state of dress and being. Waking up early is hard to do.

"No." She's not even going to pull her shots on this one. "I think a lot people need to learn how to be a part of a team instead of trying to kill each other."

Maybe things hadn't gotten quite to that point, but it really felt to be on the cusp of it. And Agent 3 is still riding the energy of her outburst coupled with the fear from all the water and the situation getting very out of hand. "I told them to calm down for ten minutes."
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[personal profile] spokethetruth 2016-05-12 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
Signless listens to that, and then can't help but respond with a bittersweet kind of smile.

"Believe me when I say...I know exactly what you're talking about. Not many people on my planet know how to do that, either."

And then the frowns again, glancing off in the directions the others have set themselves aside.

"Was anyone hurt?" The water is sort of suspect.

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