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Who: Everyone! Especially Lapis and all musicians.
What: The Final Festival finally begins.
When: May 5th, 2055, at 5:55PM.
Where: Concert stages for both Pride and Virgo, as well as throughout the city.
Warnings: Lapis related violence.

“I think I'm drowning.
I wanna break this spell
That you've created.

You're something beautiful;
A contradiction.
I wanna play the game.
I want the friction.”


The start times of the festivals are very explicit. The first notes are to be played at 5:55 PM – no sooner, and no later. This has been enforced by every recital leading up to this point, and today the word is law. The audience view it as a peculiarity. How could both labels independently decide to do something so particular?

Those on the stage will feel it in their hearts. There’s more to it than just another concert. Something is happening, bigger than all of you, and something deep down tells you that you are powerless to stop it now. There’s a momentum that’s been building for centuries, and only now will the show truly begin.

the 55th minute | the 5th hour | the 5th day | the 5th month | the 2055th year

Those with magical, spiritual, or musical sense will feel it strongly. The magic of it is thick in the air, enveloping the entirely of Vista within its breadth. The music begins, and a terrible tension in the air finally breaks. In that precise moment, something has been released – and there is no going back from here.

The ritual has finally begun. So let's break this down.

► The same moment the festivals begin, and occult magical ritual has been set in motion. That special time window that the labels were waiting for? This is it. Why the number 5 is so important we may never know, but the key thing to note is that the force of musical power behind the labels are now multiplying, and will only be getting stronger the longer the ritual goes on. Those with Fame Power abilities will feel more and more potent as time goes on as well. Magical juice will come easier and they will get bigger magical effects for their effort.

► The festival will begin with the labels biggest acts, so only a few of the player characters will be on stage at that point. Veteran musicians will start things off on a high note, and the rest will be lined up and ready for a seemingly unending roll of music all through the night and into the entirety of Friday and Saturday. Friday has been deemed a city wide public holiday because that’s how seriously Vista takes its music. Fledgling bands with characters of Fame Power 4+ or Fame Fortune 4+ will have the honour of being part of the first wave of performances, all starting at 5:55PM. This is a seriously big deal. So don’t fuck up.

► Very shortly after the beginning of the festival, Lesedi Santiago is going to fuck everything up for you.

And this is how Lesedi will fuck things up: she's getting Lapis Lazuli to do it for her.

Lapis was recently captured by Pride Records while trying to sneak out information to the rescuers. She has been powerfully enchanted by Lesedi to attack and kill Virgo musicians and Rescuers alike, and her water powers will be temporarily enhanced by feeding off of Lesedi's magic.

Lapis is being sent to attack Virgo musicians first - ideally disrupting as many Virgo performances as possible and FUBARing Blanche's ritual right from the get go. Juno will quickly regroup and start sending Virgo's magical adepts to try to stop her, while keeping as many of them on stage as possible. Meanwhile, this is all occurring in broad fucking daylight. So what do the civilians think?

Well, they'll be scared and try to save themselves from any attacks they get caught in the middle of, but's like they've been reduced to zombies. None of them seem capable of acknowledging that anything weird is happening - the only thing they can focus on is the music, and as long as it continues their minds are ensnared. Rescuers who have been heavily effected by the brainwashing of the musical singles may also feel entranced by the music at the concert as well, and may have a similar lack of survival instinct. They'll be drawn to the music regardless of all else, up to and including the risk of death.

Lapis's player has been planning out a variety of fight threads in advance, but since Lapis as the ability to create a lot of collateral damage, people can also be free to assume that they are trying to save civilians from surprise water hazards as this goes on, or simply trying to survive themselves. We will be assuming there are no deaths caused by Lapis unless it is cleared with her player first. This includes random audience members.

This will go on for a while, until eventually Lapis is chased away from the festival and goes to attack the rescuer warehouse with the chip removal equipment instead. Silver will sent out an urgent message warning the rescuers of this, urging them to get over there as quickly as possible and help to remove the equipment and take it to a safe place. Silver themselves will not arrive immediately, and Gold is still nowhere to be seen - at least, not until the very end, when they will make a surprise return appearance to help attend to the Lapis Lazuli problem.

“Now that you know I'm trapped-
Sense of elation.
You'd never dream of
Breaking this fixation.

You will squeeze the life out of me.”
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HEY! MISSION! (Closed)

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The Music has been getting heavier and heavier all day, and staying away from the labels' new singles does nothing to abate the pressure. J spends most of the day trying to avert the pressure somehow, to very little avail.

When the tension breaks, the Music rolls over him like a tidal wave, leaving him off-balance and staggering in his room.

They're battering down the Battery check the damages-

This is it, then. This is what the CEOs have been building up to. It's arrived, it's here, and he can't stop it.

We gotta stop 'em and rob 'em of their advantages
Let's take a stand with the stamina God has granted us-

But that doesn't mean he's helpless. This isn't the first time the Music has left him breathless with its strength, with the sheer number of voices involved in the song. He remembers the world coming together to fend off an alien invasion, and a beam of pure musical energy that finally did the trick. Maybe- just maybe-

Yo, let's steal their cannons!

It's a terrible idea. J can count on one hand the number of times that's stopped him, and this isn't one of them.

But he can't do it alone. It doesn't take long to find his friends in the living room - why did they ever split up apartments if everyone was going to be attached at the hip anyway? - and give them a quick rundown on what he plans on doing. It's going to be dangerous, but do they want to help?

The chorus of assent does his heart good.

It's not long before they make it to the outskirts of Pride's end of the festival, J in the lead with Agent 3, Papyrus, and Frisk in tow. The Music has been shifting all the while, power growing and changing with each new band that performs, each new bystander that gets involved. He's never channeled magic before - just the Music itself - but if they're running together, he should be able to grab one by using the other. Should be.

Either way, he's about to test that theory. He slides to a stop as one of Pride's bands starts to gear up for a song. This is as good a time to jump in as any. "Follow my lead," he'd told his friends - his team, now, "and keep in step. I'll take care of the rest." Time to put that into practice. He steps into the beat, striking a hard pose as the Music shifts-

If you're listening, whoa
Sing it back, whoa

-and he's in, moving with the Music, feeling the power it carries flow across his shoulders and through the lines of his steps. It's more intense than it ever was at home, but that's okay - he can do this. They can do this.
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Agent 3, here!

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After "chewing" him out a little about how proper teamwork is supposed to be like and relating it to being both a secret agent and a squad leader back home, Agent 3 jumps at the chance to help Agent J when he asks for it. He's learning! He'll graduate from the noob status she gave him yet.

She stays on the heels of J all the way to their soon to be stage. 3 is no stranger to dance. Inklings dance all the time. And of course, the famed Squid Sisters (and Agents 1 and 2) can sing and dance for a whole Splatfest. She can do this! Teamwork!

It helps that the feeling of the Music changing with J's manipulation and channeling feels much like the rush of motivation she got when "Calamari Inkantation" rang through her. She moves, and her body follows the dance routine, the rhythm J lays down.

String from your tether unwinds
(String from your tether unwinds) whoa oh, whoa oh