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The Final Four...

Who: Anyone who's interested
What:The Elite Final Four Rescuers have arrived.
When: Around May 7th
Where:All over the place.
Warnings: Belphegor. Also Rei's probably the most normal of the bunch, and he has five personailites.
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Agent 3 went to welcome the newcomers as soon as she heard about them arriving. There are fewer than she'd like given that they've also lost a number of rescuers. However, it's better than not having anyone come at all. She walks over with her tentacles tied up and hidden under a large hat. Her pointed ears are covered by her Hero Headgear, so she mostly looks like a small girl wearing heavy and interesting eye makeup.

When she speaks, her voice sounds a bit like she's underwater despite speaking the same language. "Welcome to the rescue squad. I'm Agent 3, otherwise known as Emma Skidd to the locals and brainwashed."