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And I need your love the most

Who: Lapis and characters who participated in her plotline
What: Lapis deals with the aftermath of being controlled by Lesedi and taken down by Gold.
When: Backdated like whoa until shortly after the festival attacks.
Where: Various -- mostly Agent Apartment.
Warnings: Probable angst/trauma dealings

A. Closed to Signless - For three days after Gold arrives and hands it over to Signless, Lapis' gem lies quiet, inert, going wherever Signless goes without any signs of life.

Not until the third day does it awaken.

Light blooms in its core, flushing outward until the whole stone is alive with it, gleaming. Rising into the air from its nest on Signless' mattress, it floats from the bed, light blossoming into the shape of a young woman and flourishing into detail -- toes, fingers, and trailing ribbons that stir in an absent breeze. She uncurls like a bird hatching from an egg, stretching, feet grazing the floorboards, then coming to rest.

For a moment she only stands there, eyes slipping open like she's awakening from a dream, gaze hazy and distant.

And then suddenly, she's awake.

With a sudden, sharp intake of breath, her eyes whisk about the room, wheeling around at the four walls like an animal who's suddenly found herself in a cage, desperate, panicked. Her feet brace against the floor as though she means to run -- somewhere, anywhere -- hands clapping over her ears, eyes squeezed shut as her voice escapes in a shriek.


B. Closed to Frisk - If Frisk asks for her, they'll be allowed in during the time between when she awakens from her gem and when she first ventures outward -- during the time when she sequesters herself in Signless' room. Why Frisk is allowed and no one else is hard to say . . . but this is how it is.


C. Open to Agent Apartment - For a few days she doesn't emerge from Signless' room at all.

When at last she does, it's at night.

While the rest of apartment supposedly sleeps, generally around 2:00 in the morning, she slips from Signless' room, a shadow nearly silent on bared feet, taking residence in the empty common room. For a few hours she can be found on the couch in one of two ways:

C1. In a pool of lamplight, wedged into a corner of the couch, feet tucked up underneath her, a small pile of magazines around her. Mostly she seems to be studying pictures instead of reading the text. Exhaustion is imprinted in her face, dark in hollows beneath her eyes, readable in the wilting curve of her neck and shoulders.

C2. Asleep, curled into a half ball, her neck striking a bad angle with the couch arm. Thought Gems weren't supposed to sleep? She apparently is . . . but it doesn't look peaceful. Her eyebrows knit, features tensed, limbs pulled as close as she can manage.

With something between a yelp and a shriek, she'll wake up suddenly, eyes enormous and dark, unfocused.


D. Open to Agent Apartment or Undertale - She wends her way up to the roof. It's late -- more than enough late for the city to be quiet, but even at this hour there is still plenty of light from nightlife, still the honks and beeps of cars. The stars are invisible, swallowed in the light pollution, and the beach is far away.

She leans against the edge of the roof and stares down at the street below, then out at the skyline of the city itself. The wind stirs the ribbons at her neck, but otherwise she doesn't move, silent and still.


E. Closed to Oscar - She doubts he wants anything to do with her. There seems no reason why he should.

She wants to know what's happened to him, wants to know if he's okay, but she doesn't go. Doesn't contact. In the limbo that the silence between them creates, it's akin to Schrodinger's cat paradox: She doesn't have to look under the box to find out his status. She doesn't have to run the risk of finding out that things are not as well as she might hope. She doesn't have to face the rejection she's sure is coming.

If he comes to find her, she'll be in the apartment . . . but he'll have to have convinced someone else to let him in.


F. Closed to Steven - At night she leaves the apartment building from the roof, slipping into the form of a small, blue bird and winging through the sky in staccato bursts, landing at nearly every other building.

Wrong. Wrong. This is wrong; she shouldn't be doing this. She can't do this; she's going to be found, going to be caught again.

At least five times she stops on a foreign roof, suddenly back to herself again, crouched and burying her face into her hands as her chest contracts so tightly she can barely breathe. I can't. I can't. I can't.

But always one thought in the wake: I have to see him. I want to see him.

So it goes every few minutes. But every few minutes, in spite of her hesitation, she shifts back. Presses on.

She knows exactly which window to choose at Pride; she memorized it long ago. Clinging to the window ledge on small bird feet, trying to swallow back the sound of her own pounding heartbeat, she taps at the glass with her beak and silently pleads with the boy inside to answer.


G. Closed to Greg - The young woman is red-haired, a small starfield of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Unlike most of the others her age, she's alone at the signing, quiet, not taking selfies or chattering with anyone. In fact, she looks almost . . . unhappy? Definitely weighted, her thin shoulders drawn inward. Her eyes linger on Marty's empty chair, then back toward Greg in his.

Though she's there almost the full time, she doesn't enter the line until nearly the end, when she's almost the last. She waits there, eyes cast downward, until it's her turn.

There's nothing in her hands.
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C2 - Couch buddies

[personal profile] woomy 2016-06-17 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
Over one of the armrests sits a colorful sea slug. It wobbles a bit as it's held by a hand belonging to someone hiding behind the rest of the couch.

That someone also makes a bunch of squeaky noises before saying in an equally squeaky voice, "Did you have a bad dream?" The sea slug hops a little with each word. "Wanna talk about it?"
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"3 is here, but 3 is also not me. I am a sea slug. Or you can call me a sea bunny." Again, the plush "hops" with each word in a friendly, silly manner. "Let's be friends!"

The sea slug plush goes still for a moment as 3 adjusts how she's sitting on the floor. "I don't have a name. Can you give me one?"
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"There is no one behind me. I am just a slug." 3 makes it appear like the slug is nuzzling the underside of Lapis' palm. However, 3 can't keep herself from giving a few giggles and breaking her "role" momentarily.

"I am a new friend for you. Sea slugs make good pets and friends. I think you should have more friends."
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"You could have, but we got you back from the bad guys. You are not part of the bad guys, and you deserve friends." 3 tries to bring the slug closer to Lapis, leaning over the armrest.

"You're not gonna spend the rest of the mission, in here are you? But you can spend as much time as you need. And you'll have company!" Again, the slug hops at each squeaky word.

3 wants to bring Lapis out from blaming herself for the whole thing. The bad guys had gotten to her, and while 3 knows that Lapis could lash out suddenly to protect someone, she also knows she can be trusted. 3 doesn't hold what happened against Lapis. And Lapis can learn from it and move past it.
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Sea slug is going to come closer and try to nuzzle Lapis. "But you got hurt too. And you're hurting now."

That fact's undeniable to 3. "The only score we're keeping is how many times we need to sock the bad guys for hurting our friends and you."
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A small little toss has the sea slug "hopping" into Lapis' lap or arms. 3 pulls herself up and leans on the armrest. She smiles, and there is a sparkle in her eye. Maybe she hasn't made Lapis feel 100% better, but there's a chink in the gloom. It's a good start.

"Hello, Lapis. I see you have a new friend there." If anything, 3 is dedicated to her cause.
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"No, I'm okay," she says while giving an easy smile. 3 flops a little on the armrest. "I'm just trying to do my part to keep my friends okay."