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"Fuck you, Lesedi Santiago, you giant bag of whores." - Oikawa Tooru, 2055

Who: A bunch of Priders and Rescuers!
When: night of June 17th to early morning June 18th
Where: Moscow
Warnings: language, injuries, will add as needed

Escapes: Sariel, Terry, Mai, Tooru, Xanxus, Trucy, Squalo, Pinkie
Stays/Captured: Demyx, Artolo, Aramat

Particular details, badassery and touching conversations (also with characters not mentioned below, as long as they don’t try to escape) can be threaded out individually! This post is meant to serve as a general guideline for things that happen, but you are by no means limited to the events listed here. o/ Feel free to make prompts for the party, the concert, the running or whatever else you want!

We've tried to keep everything vague enough to allow more freedom, but if you want something changed, your character moved, etc, please contact us and we'll fix it ASAP.


After the final show in Moscow, as is usual for Pride, the semi-civilized afterparty gradually shifts into a massive sparkly clusterfuck (courtesy of Artolo) at a club on the ground floor. It lasts into the wee hours of 18th, and ends with an impromptu street show by some of the popular Pride performers; Terry Ward, and, later, Aramat Drawdes. There’s a hidden agenda to Music Wizards singing, of course; they’re making sure that those who aren’t fucking off don’t notice it too early, and possibly making obstacles for the security out of fans and guests.

As a mass of musicians, (lower-ranking) staff and fans gather to watch the spectacle, some of them slip away or excuse themselves to go “for a smoke” in a blind alley next to the club that’s commonly used for that, though isn’t directly visible from the show area aside from its entrance (but that’s fine, right? It’s a dead end, right?).

In the meantime, on a different street right behind the back alley, Rescuers have parked two vans and are advancing. Some of them had been contacted and filled in on the plan earlier (like, days/weeks earlier) and had tried to form a rescue team, however thanks to Blanche’s ritual it’s been more difficult than planned. There’s less of them than originally agreed, and some of them might not be in the best shape mentally.

The rescue team consists of Doc Brown, Ivan Karelin, Pao-Lin, Agent 3, Koushi Sugawara, Oscar, Mammon, Belphegor, Eiji Hino, Rarity and Yamamoto Takeshi.

Ivan, Pao-Lin, Oscar and Sugawara mingle into the crowd on the other side to direct the escapees, but Ivan and Pao-Lin ditch the plan and goes after Trucy in particular thanks to Virgo’s influence. Yamamoto helps make a hole in the wall separating the streets and anyone who’s been headed to the back alley can now trickle past the dead end and get into the vans. Mammon is further helping the effort by smuggling Xanxus and Squalo musicians through unnoticed. Rarity makes a grab for Pinkie and they attempt to go after Steven, however it fails and the ponies need fellow rescuers’ help to get back out, further thinning the number of rescuers in the field for the moment.

Unfortunately, there’s only so long Music Wizardry and illusions can cover people disappearing from the main event; security (accompanied by Eda) finally notice shit and give chase. A fight breaks out in the alley; Demyx, Agent 3, Squalo, Terry, Eiji, Rarity, Belphegor, Mai, Yamamoto and Xanxus fight back the guard allowing the rest to get in the vans.

Terry wants to go back for more musicians, so he's knocked out and tossed in the van while the escaping group continues to be pushed back. Sariel and Eiji get injured in the fight, most of the others will be roughed up. As it looks like they’re ready to flee, Squalo “deals” with Xanxus to prevent him from going after Carnies, and has Mammon and Belphegor secure him in one of the vans.

The group continues to fall back with the rescuer’s defences shielding them, managing to hold the guards back just enough to get in the vehicles. The pursuers break through and grab on the last fleeing musician, Demyx. There’s a momentary struggle as someone probably tries to pull him back in; Squalo sees it’ll give the rest of the security a chance to get in/on the van so he punts the poor kid the rest of the way out; it gives them a moment’s advantage and the car speeds off (while someone may, no doubt, be very unhappy with this direction of events.)

Aramat and Artolo stay behind. Artolo acts oblivious, implying that he was used against his will. Aramat may be confronted about her participation in the breakout.
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II - Fighting

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3 runs up beside Yamamoto, another youth in their ranks, but she doesn't give it a moment's thought. She keeps her Hero Shot at the ready. Many of the security staff will find ink in their eyes.

"Which direction are you heading? I'll give you support with my Burst Bombs!"
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"In!" he called to her, smiling big and summoning Koujirou to spread Rain Flames on the enemy to slow them down.

"I've got to rescue Squalo!"
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Squalo... At first, 3 can't place a face to the name. However, then the image of a rude silver haired musician pops up like a buoy in the ocean. He was the guy who wouldn't believe that her headphones helped her run faster.

"I gotcha! One Burst Bomb Rush comin' up!" She shoots a little more ink, and her tentacle hair takes on a bioluminescent glow. Water balloon like projectiles are thrown before them. They hit security and bystanders. Luckily for them (and something she counted on), the ink doesn't hurt them. It does blind them and knock them back a small distance. "Go! I'll follow!"