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What: The Grand Finale.
When: July 25th, 2055
Where: THE MOON.
Warnings: All kinds of things, I'm sure.

“These are the days. The end complete.
The world still turning to the sound of the suffering.
You are the jury, we are the saints.

Our minds divide, the past repeats.
A war still brewing in the hearts of those we once bled.
I am the knowing, the living dead.”


The aftermath of the battle with Lesedi is a mixture of fortune. On one hand, a severe enough blow has been dealt to Lesedi that she has been forced to disappear almost entirely, and Gold has survived the conflict – on the other, Silver has disappeared too, and so have the rest of the Pride musicians.

While Virgo carries on to the end of the tour, Pride is almost entirely absent from the last two weeks of the schedule. Some of what remains of its bands will appear on stage, but something seems off about them – including the musicians that the rescuers know personally. Even when on stage, it’s like they’re not really there. As if something is puppeting them directly from behind the scenes.

Anansi appears only briefly during the final performances, and from what Gold will tell everyone, she has been Silver all along. The two of them had been working undercover for years to gain the power and influence they had, enough to begin fostering a rebellion in their seconds lives. So much of what made it possible to bring the rescuers together had been enabled by those connections, which was why it had been so crucial that no one know the source of their power or their knowledge.

Now Gold seems to be blaming herself for the fact that Silver hasn’t returned, suspecting that Blanche has done something to her as a result of her stepping in during the fight with Lesedi. Neither exec has left hiding since then, and its nauseating knowing that they could basically be anywhere.

There only seems to be one thing left to do, and that is beat the two of them to the proverbial finish line. Gold used her close connection with Lesedi to gather crucial information about where the finale of it all would be taking place, and the basic essence of what would be done – which was part of what had inspired her to attack Lesedi so desperately.

The end of the ritual is scheduled to take place on the moon.


It’s a good thing Shep has a spaceship.

The scattered remains of the world tour are spent in preparation. Though some may try to get close to the musicians that remain, it’s become nearly impossible – any attempt to get too close to met with those individuals being abruptly teleported away, no matter how disruptive it may be at the time. It’s not like it matters to the audience.

The enchantment of Tera’s populace is still holding, though there is something off and inconsistent about it. Most of the time, festival goers will refuse to acknowledge that anything besides a radical concert is going on, but then there are those in the crowd that will suddenly seem to peer through the fog. Something about the spell is broken, and it’s likely the series of disruptions to its execution that has done it.

The best option seems to be following the two of them to the finale, and ruining the ritual once and for all in its critical moments. The lost musicians have to be there, and it could be the rescuers only chance to retrieve them.

On the day of the rituals climax, Shep’s ship will carry everyone willing to fight towards Tera’s moon. The rescuers will catch glimpses of the Crescendolls ghosts more and more frequently as the moment arrives, though they seem to be avoiding Gold and Shep in the meantime.

Through a combination of magic and brute force, the rescuers will be able to make their way into the the label’s moon base – a structure paradoxically shared by both Pride and Virgo. It seems that this entire thing has been organized to end in a structured battle from the very start, like a final duel between r ivals that has been planned for centuries.

Everything is finally coming to a head. But how will this play out when one of the two is a mere shadow of their former selves?

For the musicians of Pride, the fight with Lesedi is the last thing you remember clearly. If you weren’t there at the time, then the moment when things changed is even more disorientating. You remember the feeling of Lesedi’s spacial pull against your body, and then everything became a long, confusing dream.

There is darkness and fire and stars, and then a feeling like you’re feeling split from something essential to your being. After that, nothing goes back to normal. You think you remember performing a few times, but it didn’t feel like you, even if the magic was still there. Life passes by weightlessly.

It’s a familiar feeling – like a hole has been left inside you. Despite all the progress you’ve made towards regaining who you are, it’s seems like there’s one final hurtle to overcome.

Despite everything, you’re still here.

For anyone left in Virgo’s ranks, things are much clearer but no less tense. The rest of the tour has been rushed, and the events have been minimal. The execs, however, have been in a very good mood. With Pride’s near total disappearance, it seems like Virgo’s victory in whatever battle this has been is guaranteed.

But yet, there is still a sense of ill ease. Whether you knew what she stood for or not, one of the most visible veterans, Anansi, has gone missing, and the rest of them seem nervous. The end is coming fast, and nobody seems to know what that means for them.

And then it finally becomes clear why, when the entirety of Virgo is rounded up and taken to the moon – not as performers, but as sacrifices.

“Dig deeper, remember
All you've been and all you've left behind.
Wave goodbye, my dear.
Dig deeper, remember
All you've been and all you've left behind.
Welcome home, my dear.”
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Agent 3 | Bringing the "fire" power to help break people free from their terrors

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With everyone bring images and things from various dreamscapes to life, Agent 3 wishes with all her heart that she had her squad with her. Or even just hearing Agent 1 and Agent 2's voices over her headgear. The last battle was chaos. There wasn't much of a plan or coordination. She needs it. Her squad squids aren't big leagues, but they aren't noobs either. And when she fought DJ Octavio, she still had her back up, Agent 1 and 2.

"Gah!" she cringes as a wave of static fills her ears. No, she doesn't want to listen to this or to whatever Virgo and Pride's playing. She. Wants. Her. Tunes!

"¿ƃuos ɹno ɹɐǝɥ noʎ uɐɔ ¡3 ʇuǝƃɐ" Agent 1's voice comes through 3's headgear, loud and... well. Not clear. It sounds like she's holding the microphone upside down again. Agent 3 jerks her head up in shock. There's no way... There's no way.

"Radio override activated!" Agent 2 chimes in.

"You got this, Agent 3," comes three other voices. Her squad. The Bomb Rush Rush! But they don't even know that she's part of the Squidbeak Splatoon. Did Agent 1 and 2 let the secret out? Is it okay for them to know now? "Show 'em your the freshest squid there!"

"I'm the only squid here!" Agent 3 laughs. Then "Calamari Inkantaion" begins playing live from the Squid Sisters with her squadmates singing along, and she activates her boon with a whoop. It strengthens her ink's power. No longer is it just ink that'll disappear after awhile. No. It now acts as if everyone is a liquid based lifeform, like she is.

"This is our turf now!" she yells and aims her Hero Shot. The bright green ink takes out the nearest nightmare with a few shots, and 3 zips through the ink. She'll stay on the move and jump to whoever needs help fighting off the enemies from people's nightmares. If comforting words fail, she'll start blasting away those obstacles.