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Name:Interstellar Logs
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Everybody wants to be a rockstar.

Or, at least, you think you did. That would make sense, since that's what you are now. You're a star. But in truth, everything past a few months ago is a big blur. You remember this planet, these people, but the memories are empty of all connection. The band, the music, is your life now - and as far as you can recall, that's how it's always been.

What you don't remember is that you're not from here. What you don't know is that music has power. What you'd never guess is that you were stolen from your old life by aliens, and have been brainwashed into spending your days rocking hard on stage while never questioning a thing.

Interstellar show business: it's tough.

Interstellar is the panfandom roleplaying game inspired by Interstella 5555, where characters of the multiverse have been kidnapped and brainwashed into being rockstars by the interdimensional beings that also happen to own their record labels.

It's a memory loss game with fast regains and defined plot arc that comes in two parts: the struggle of musical abductees trying to find themselves, and then the journey of the friends, cast mates, and altruistic souls that come to save them from their tyrannical alien managers. It is expected to run for 8-10 months.
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