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Once You're a Square You're a Square All the Way

Who: Usagi Tsukino (Serena Lapin) and anyone who wants to rescue her
What: No one warned Usagi just how serious Garnet's fans actually are about the whole... square thing // There s a Hair Monster that lives in Brad's Diner and it survives on milkshakes // Get a half off bouquet on your next visit!
When: All Day
Where: The flower store Usagi works at/Brad's Diner
Warnings: Rabid fans, mild violence
Notes: I’m more than happy to match styles!

A: Early Morning (The Attack)

Usagi Tsukino was not late.

Not so much a miracle as it was that Usagi finally remembered to set her alarm clock an hour and a half ahead of time to get there exactly on time. On her way to work, she didn't even notice the unusually high amount of people surrounding her. She didn't think much of it at all considering that it was early enough in the morning people were likely on their way to work and school.

She didn't even seem to notice how so many of them had square hair-styles and a lot of them were chewing bubble gum. But Usagi wasn't the sort to judge someone based on hair and eating habits. Honestly, she was the last to do such a thing on such subjects. However, when they all started whistling the same tune, Usagi admittedly got a little... well, honestly she felt a bit... weirded out? But no dark energy, no sense of magic, or anything that felt like she should be worried for her safety. The whistling in unison made her nervous but she was sure it was just the new pop single from one of the many bands she intended on rescuing.

Oh how very, terribly wrong she was.

Usagi blinked at the wall of people suddenly in front of her with square hair cuts. Oookay... When she asked them to politely move, they just sneered at her, still whistling and blowing bubble-gum bubbles.

Usagi made to turn and leave... only to have a wall of square hair cuts there too. Alright, last resort.


She gave a nervous laugh.

"Uh... i-is there something I can do?" she couldn't transform, not with all these people watching and not when this could be the work of brainwashing. In fact, Usagi's first fear was that this was the act of the labels and they found her out. She put her hand on her brooch.

Of course, that all quickly changed when she saw scissors, hair pins, and gel in the hands of the people surrounding her.

"How dare you talk to Keytar Mom after we WARNED YOU."


"And then you had the audacity to talk to her at the charity event and take her food from her!"

"T-That isn't a-actually-" she put up her hands in front of her, trying to calm everyone down.

"If you're going to be near goddess Garnet YOU BETTER BE SQUARE!"

When they opened up their scissors?

Usagi quite calmly, eloquently, and rationally...

Let out a massive, loud, and incredibly shrill scream of panic, and kicked one of them in the face.

That had opened up the wall of people and Usagi used it as her chance, since she honestly couldn't risk transforming until she was out of sight. If she could just get around the corner! She let out another scream when she felt her head yanked back as they grabbed one of her tails. She turned around only to be slammed up against a wall.

"Don't do this!" forget it! She'd transform in public! She wasn't going to allow herself to have them attack her like this. Now if only she could reach her brooch! "GET THOSE AWAY FROM MEEEEE!"

B: Afternoon (After the Attack)

Were you looking for Usagi at "Thistle Do Nicely?" If you were, you will be promptly informed by Mrs. Ophelia that any and all information regarding her employees is not available and then would leave it at that. Which is to say, once 'Serena' explained what happened (looking a bit worse for wear but with all her hair quite intact) the older woman took it upon herself to protect her employee.

If you're very thorough, however, you'll find Usagi hiding in a booth at "Brad's Diner" far far away from the diner door and curled up with her third triple-chocolate, chocolate-chip milkshake.

Her hair was not in its usual buns, mostly because in the fray it had all come undone and she was basically hiding in her hair.

Or maybe you're not looking for Usagi, maybe you just came in to Brad's because the food, while greasy, was filling and the waitress Diana was gorgeous and a flirt.

In either case, there was still a giant river of golden hair attached to the head of someone hiding within it and making an impressive dent in her now fourth milkshake (this time strawberry).

Stepping on or near her hair seems to draw the hair monster to instantly shriek and shudder and try and pull all that hair closer.

C: Late Afternoon (Also After the Attack)

After six milkshakes and given plenty of time to fix her hair back into the two buns, Usagi finally made her way back to the flower store. She had to, she had a "family" to provide for and more importantly, she didn't want to let Mrs. Ophelia down. While Usagi didn't know if Terra celebrated Valentine's Day, the flower store was clearly gearing up for something.

While Mrs. Ophelia said that Usagi was more than welcome to go home with pay, Usagi didn't feel right doing that to the older woman.

So you will find Usagi right in front of the flower shop where Mrs. Ophelia can keep an eye on her and anything that should happen, passing out a single blue paper-origami 'Forget Me Not' with a ribbon around it with a simple tag "Don't Forget!" tied to it.

"All this week, Thistle Do Nicely is having a sale! Take this coupon inside and with the purchase of a bouquet today, get your next bouquet on your next visit half off!" she's trying to put a true smile behind it, but those who know Usagi or "Serena Lapin" better will know that it isn't sincere, it doesn't reach her eyes and please be so kind as not to mention that Usagi's clothes are somewhat... well... torn and snipped.
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When she sees and hears "Serena" surrounded, Agent 3 reaches into her backpack that has her Hero Shot and covers her inktank. All thoughts of going to the library are forgotten. This is now a 2 v... some big number.

"Leave her alone!" She yells and starts firing bright green ink at Usagi's attackers. A Burst Bomb (looking like a water balloon really) is lobbed in their direction as well.

Agent 3... doesn't realize that her ink won't do anything but anger the squares and possibly temporarily blind them. She'll learn soon enough.
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Agent 3 bafflement is apparent on her face. "Hairstyle?" She reaches around to see that a tentacle has slipped out of its hiding spot under her hat. Quickly, she pushes it back under. "Hey! Leave my tentacles outta this."

But Agent 3's a fighter. She's no newcomer. She fires again and lobs another Burst Bomb. Some of the squares are hit square in the face. They cry in frustration of having their sight robbed from them.

"That... should have splatted them..." Uh-oh. New strategy time. Treat them like a kraken. Shoot a lot and run and hide! "C'mon!"
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"It does back home! They get splatted! I wasn't expecting them to have kraken like invincibility." And she couldn't even knock them back. Seariously, what was going on? "This is how I fought the Octarians. This is how everyone fights."

A little stubbornness is seeping into her voice. She may be young, but she's no stranger to the battlefield.
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"Why are you yelling at me?!" Agent 3 yells back. She is very tempted to change into a squid to escape Usagi's grip. However, they haven't escaped enough from the squares.

"And how do you know your whatever will work? This isn't your home either!"
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"I'm not about to leave a teammate floundering by herself when I'm around!" She'd lob another Burst Bomb at the squares, but she needs a chance to refill her ink. Which she could do if they could round a corner for her to lay down a patch of ink for her to swim in for a few seconds.

"Even if I knew about their ink invincibility, I'd still come to help. That's what teammates do!"
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Agent 3 yanks her arm free. She doesn't appreciate being treated like she doesn't know anything and, even more, a nuisance. She is not someone who needs to be carried. She didn't need to be dragged away. She could have handled herself!

She's about to continue her argument when Usagi starts lecturing her... and insulting her in the process? Octarians or whatever? Turning away and on the verge of tears, she says, "You're right. I'm nothing like you. I'm an Inkling! We fight together no matter the danger, and I think I know why humans are just fossilized bones back home!"

Agent 3 shoots the wall to the rooftops and transforms into a squid to swim up it. She's angry and hurt. All she wanted to do was help someone who she thought was a teammate. Instead, she feels more like she shouldn't have gotten involved at all. What was she supposed to do? What had Usagi wanted her to do? Just let her get pounded on by a number of bullies?
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Not coming down from the roof and wishing she could still Super Jump back to the apartment, Agent 3 remains in a puddle of ink. She won't be upset for too long, and she won't hold a grudge against Usagi either. That's not really the kind of squid she is. Even if she's just as emotional as any squid, as any teenager.

If Usagi listens closely, she might hear something like sniffling. She's still around the area.