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Who: Everyone!
What: The tour hits Europa, and Edward Blanche plans a trap.
When: May 25th - June 17th, 2055
Where: Any of the potential tour stops, but mostly MOSCOW.
Warnings: Probably violence.

“Oh, will you break my fall
When I climb too high?
I always lose my nerve,
It happens every time.”


After the disaster that was the beginning of the World Tour, things from there have proceeded innocently enough in comparison. Virgo ended up being able to pull its act into some semblance of order before the festival finished, and so the magic on their side was not entirely lost. Things are tense, however, for anybody who has an idea of the stuff going on upstairs. Whatever is going on, Pride is in the lead by a landslide, and the desperation is present in the managers and the execs alike.

Lesedi, however, couldn’t be happier. In fact, she is getting cockier by the day. Her plans with Lapis went wonderfully, and wherever the gem is now is irrelevant. Barring any major disasters, she is increasingly certain of her defeat of Virgo, and is encouraging her elite members of take potshots at them any chance they get. (This includes her beginner music mages.)

The beginning of the month is spent with both labels visiting a lot of very familiar locations across Americana - most of which are places they will have visited in the past. The routes are very similar to the ones the first bands took during their opening tours last summer.

As for the rescuers, now is the time to regroup. It’s not practical to follow the musicians to ever stop they make, but Shep has apparently enabled his spaceship with a cloaking device, and will be taking all the rescuers and free musicians to the major tour centers of each continental tour - the headline festivals, each lasting for days, and each carrying an important role in the ongoing ritual.

That’s what Silver thinks, at least. As some of the rescuers may now know, Gold has apparently gone solo.

As the Americana portion of the tour comes to a close around the 25th of May, both labels will be finishing up in Britain and heading on into the conglomerate of Europa. All of these cities are basically what they are like IRL except about 50 years more future-like, and you have full creative liberty to make up some developments to the local culture and worldbuild because this is the last time these places will ever be mentioned meaningfully!

THE OFFICIAL STOPS: Paris (May 30th - 31st), Berlin (June 1st - 2nd), Madrid (June 3rd - 6th), Istanbul (June 7th - 8th), Rome (June 9th - 10th), Vienna (June 11th - 12th)
THE HEADLINER: Moscow (June 12th - 17th)

The festival in Moscow is much like the festival in Vista City - a musical blowout to end all blow outs. The two labels festival grounds are practically blending together at this point, almost as if fighting for physical territory along with fighting for the attention of the crowds. The thick energy of magic follows the tour like a comet’s tail.

► RESCUER PROMPT: Instead of cutting through all of the earlier stops, Shep loads all the rescuers up into the now-cloaked spaceship and will bring them to Moscow, the last step in the Europa tour path and the place they’ll be stopping the longest. Silver has been saying that the lot of them should start working on freeing captives at all costs, especially now that the labels are on the road and increasingly disorganized. Shep has gotten together a bunch of new material for disguises as well as more holo projectors - a lot of them have been spotted at this point, but if they can get close to the musicians and catch the labels off guard it could be their best hope of bunging up the rituals for both of them.

Meanwhile, Gold is obviously absent from the team, and some may have seen their former leader essentially announce their intent to leave during their fight with Lapis. Silver and Shep seem to have been avoiding talking about it, but occasionally it will be referenced in public places and the conversation will turn rapidly tense.

► MUSICIAN PROMPT: Everything is more or less business as normal, except for the pressure of the tour seems to be causing all the authority figures to lose their minds, especially in Virgo. Beyond that, though, it’s all deceptively the same. Both labels stop in the various cities and put on their best show, only stopping briefly to enjoy the local culture. Everyone is under very careful watch, however, no matter where they are. No one leaves the performance areas without an escort - it’s clear that both labels are desperate to hang on to musicians at this point. The gravity of the situation is increasingly obvious.

Both labels have been booked into the same hotel this time, which is essentially a castle in Moscow. It’s every bit as lavish as you would expect, and it’s easy to get distracted from the stress with the luxuries that are offered at every turn. The consistent sense of desperation that Virgo has running through it at the moment is totally absent in Pride - Lesedi seems like she’s in an absolutely fantastic mood.

► FESTIVAL PROMPT: The festivals crowds are bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. Rescuers will easily be lost in a crowd, and musicians will be followed by a detour of body guards that honestly feel needed for reasons besides imprisonment. The stages are colourful and elaborate in set up. The musical event goes on for three full days, and most of everyone’s time will be spent backstage or in their hotels. Rescuers will have to do their best to keep up.

In the wake of Virgo falling behind, Edward Blanche has come up with a magical scheme of his own. Using the soul crystal of pure love from Greg Universe and pure duty from Meril, he has been devising a ritual - and with any luck, it take out two birds with one stone.

Greg and Meril, having mostly lost their real personalities after having parts of their souls torn out and crystalized, will be set up in a central location in the hotel, after the performances on the last night in Moscow. They’ll be set up to play music, and while that music is playing it will be reaching out to all of the rescuers, whether they can hear it or not. This music is going to trigger the love and duty within their own souls, and direct it to a particular cause - a sudden and desperate need to save their friends, family, or other sympathetic souls from the labels. And the need to do it tonight. This will hit them particularly hard if they are naturally of a love or duty alignment, but it will have an effect regardless. How much it gets them exactly is up to you.

Virgo’s musicians will be protected very heavily during the ritual, as Blanche is expecting the attack. His hope is to lure rescuers in and kill or capture them, having the advantage of foresight. He’s also hoping that the rescuers will go after the less protected musicians of Pride and steal them away from Lesedi, who isn’t aware that this is happening. If things go well for Blanche, both the rescuers and Pride will take a major hit, all in one go. Why not let your enemies destroy each other?

Player participation in this can go two ways: one is that your character can simply go after any of the musicians you choose, and you can work out between the players and the mod how well it goes. Alternatively, you can have your character go to the heart of the matter and try to take on Greg and Meril. The tricky part? Blanche is going to be overseeing the ritual as well. However, without the focuses of Greg and Meril’s soul crystals, the ritual will fail. Also, there will absolutely be a few opportunistic ghosts looking for the opportunity to give everyone a hand.

Communication with the mod is key for this event! Please run by plans to have any musicians successfully escape by me before going through with it, and also do let me know if you’d like the ghosts to help out! This can absolutely be combined with other player plots, such as the Pride break out initiative that’s been floating around.

The night of the ritual is June 17th, so take some time to plan things out, and then get threading. Let me know if you need help setting any scenes!

“Oh will you bring me home
When I'm barely alive?
It's the state of love and trust,
And this is for you,
And this is for us.”
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Agent 3 | Rescuer | Ship & Moscow

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Ship: Still better than a UFO

Agent 3 is running around the ship, looking through all the windows as they pass over Europa. She presses herself against the window as if she could see more by doing that. (Sorry, for the squid prints everywhere, Shep.)

"How is there so much land?!" she says with incredible awe. "How'd you mess up so badly to cover it all up?"

Moscow: All around

The first thing 3 does upon touching down is look for a local library she can get the deets from. She's upset to discover that her library card isn't going to work over here, and she can't get a new one since she doesn't have a residence in Moscow. However, as long as she's in the library, she can use all their resources. She's already found a map, a few power plants (even if they can't disable them), and some schedules for the headliner festival.

She also leafs through a few fashion magazines when she needs a break.

Choose your own adventure

[[ Come up with your own prompt. She has to stick with the ship and Moscow because she's a rescuer. ]]
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Minako finds herself joining Agent 3 here for a bit of light reading. She's got to gather her intel again, keep up the guise of another's all a little exhausting, but they have work to do.

"Found anything good?" she asks, lowering her shades enough to be identifiable.
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-06-05 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
There are some benefits to being a kid. 3 doesn't have to worry as much about having a guise beyond her appearance. Being thought as a "dumb kid" or an "odd kid" works in her favor for a lot of things. If they don't look too closely, then she does all right.

3 does miss her gig at the laser tag and arcade place. It was pretty nice.

She passes a print out to Minako. "This is a wip schedule for the headline festival. Though the blogs think they'll be switching things up if the other concerts go bad."
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"Yeah, that makes things tricky," Minako whispers, sucking in a breath. "But if we can hit the first one, it's our best chance...of seeing them, right?"

More like...of pulling something else off. She's still not entirely sure what.
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"Why we couldn't hit the first or second stops instead of this last one of this jump?" Doesn't that give the bad guys more time to set something up at the bigger event than the smaller ones?

Then she remembers that she's speaking too frankly and needs to cover it up better. "It's gonna be too big and flashy for us to get up close."
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"Yeah, also takes a while doesn't it, all those lights? Plenty of time for a light to go out or two, then we get a bit closer to the stage...and those autographs..."

She doodles little hearts on the paper in front of her to add to the illusion, then smiles reassuringly. She's gonna make a big bang, this is the time.
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"I still would have rather liked to dash in and get 'em really early..." She sighs and then taps her fingers against the table. Could they set up traps of their own here, so when the major players come to Moscow, they can spring them?

"How many are we looking to get? Can we get them all?"
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Minako agrees with a quiet sigh. "I don't know. I know there's one group with a car...the rest, if we want to find our friends...we'll have to make a lot of noise."

She folds her hands. "And I'm good at that, but. You think we'll do it again?"
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"I can make a lot of noise too. Get me some speakers as I'll blast 'Calamari Inkantation.' That'll get their juices flowin'!"

She's positive that the happening tunes of the Squid Sisters would help, but she hasn't been able to find the right opportunity for it.
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"Oh, that sounds really cool! Can I hear it? Well...I mean, not in a library, but I'd love some music."

Music that's safe to listen to and not full of brainwashing messages would be nice.
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"Why not in a library? You'd be listening with my headgear." 3 points to her ears covered by the black pointed headgear with blue lights dotting the surface. It may not be the most comfortable listening experience given their different ear shapes, but it works just like a pair a headphones Minako would be familiar with.

"I can cover my ears with my hat."
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"Oh, then that's perfect!" Minako smiles, remembering at the last second to lower her voice. She takes in the sight of the headphones and tentatively reaches out.

"You sure? I don't see anyone watching us, but be careful."
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She waves her hand dismissively. "I've done it before on a street with a musician watching me. He didn't see a thing."

With a smooth tug, she removes her headgear while pulling down her hat. She places the headgear on the table and promptly adjusts her hat some more to make it more comfortable. 3 fiddles with the controls a second. When Minako puts them on, "City of Color" will be playing. "This is what the Squid Sisters sing during Splatfests."
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Minako slides them on, listens politely...and by the end of a minute she's toe-tapping along and smiling. When she finally hands them back, she looks excited.

"I love it! It's perfect for this."
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"The Squid Sisters are the best. When we're back on the ship, you can hear more of them. Or Hightide Era or Chirpy Chirps or Squid Squad if you want." 3 waits to make sure no one is looking their direction before replacing her headgear on her head. "I think if I could get the 'Calamari Inkantation' blastin' over all the speakers, it'd help a lot. Not only would it mess up their music, but it'd motivate us too."